Wine Holders – Perfect for a classy home

Wine holders are very elegant décor assets ideal for your classy home. They are found in a broad range of materials like glass, metal, wood or plastic. Moreover you will also get them in different sizes, shapes and styles.

The conventional shelf racks are perfect for grand storage spaces like a basement or cellar. The hanging and wall mount holders can be fixed to your walls or hanged from the ceilings. The last one is built of iron and wood and can host maximum 8 bottles. The hanging one holds wine stemware and paper towels along with the bottles. Then you have the table top racks which do not come with a great storage space but are aesthetically crafted for interior decoration.

The floor stand holders are heavy and grandly decorated and can hold minimum 40 bottles. The latest addition is a portable wine rack carried on wheels and hosts wine bottles accompanied by wine stemware, kitchen board, knives and paper towels. It is ideal for your sushi bar.