Which is the right material used for roofing

It takes a lot out of you when it comes to making up the mind for using the right material for roofing because the roof is almost everything you need to protect you from all sorts of mishaps and climatic hazards. Therefore, a lot of ideas may crop up while you’re deciding upon to the type of material you want to use for roofing.

The oldest and one of the best materials even today is the use of clay tiles. These were originally handmade but nowadays they are replaced by machines. These tiles are completely water and heat resistant.

The next kind of roofing is metal roofing. It’s definitely more durable than clay roofing and strong enough to endure natural calamities like thunderstorms, drought and snowfall.
Cement is the most used roof material nowadays as it tops the list in terms of durability and it can still lie strong enough even if it is untouched and unmaintained for decades.