Tips to take care of your cushion covers

It is good to cover your cushions with a cover in order to protect them. Cushion covers get stained with constant use. To clean cushion covers read the instructions given on the tag. Clean the covers with good quality detergent. If the covers have become too dirty, soak them in a mixture of water and detergent for an hour.

Do not wash cushion covers with anything else. Also don’t use hard detergents to wash the covers. If your cushion covers have embroidery on them then do not wash them in a washing machine. The threads may start coming off the cover and spoil the embroidery. Dry the covers in shade and not under the direct rays of the sun.

It is best to wash your covers every 15 days. This helps to maintain the beauty of the cushion covers. Keep two to three sets of covers and keep alternating them.