Tips to build a chicken coop for your back yard

Are you planning to build a chicken coop in your backyard? If you are, here are some tips. Your first step will be to take four metal posts and fix them to the ground in rectangular shape. Decide on the size you want. Around the four posts you will then have to wrap chicken wire. The mound has to be at least 2 inches inside and outside the chicken wire.

Now, place wooden posts on the ground and nail the 2×4 across them. For the slope, the wooden posts have to be slightly below the metal posts. Do the same thing on the opposite side as well. Your next step will be to nail tin roofing across the 2 2x4s. If you have more than 4 inches above the exit area you can make a door. Your last step will be to place a few pieces of plywood against metal posts loosely.