The use of proper lighting for your bathroom

Lighting plays a very important role in a bathroom. Proper lighting does not only serve a functional purpose, it makes your bathroom look warm and inviting as well. Here are a few things you need to know about bathroom lighting.

Task lighting in a bathroom provides illumination to perform all the essential tasks in the bathroom. However, you should avoid recessed or canned fixtures because the cast a shadow on the face. Instead, you must place three to four bulbs above the bathroom mirrors. You can also fix globe lamp strips along the frame of the mirror. You can also install wall scones to both sides of the mirrors to layer the light.

Coming to general lighting, you have to ensure that there is adequate lighting in the bathtub, shower and toilet areas. You can use canned lighting in these areas. Accent lighting will lend your bathroom a particular character. For accent lighting you can place a lamp on your vanity table.