The basic to be kept in mind while designing your home

Now that you are ready to take the task of designing your home, you better keep in mind that there are a lot of factors to take care of.

First decide whether your house would have a western or an oriental look. Based on it the entire décor of the house would be done. If you don’t synchronize your colours and furniture then the house would look clumsy.

Do your walls need a coat of paint? Make some good furniture to match them. Think about the kitchen and bathroom tiles. Put up curtains with light fabrics. Clean the basement.

What about a plasterboard ceiling? Use natural light and good lampshades. Have an organized storage room. Your home should look spacious. The kid’s room can be designed based on a theme or character. Use multifunctional cabinets and drawers.

Don’t forget the name plate and the exterior because they set the atmosphere of your home.