Spanish and Moroccan Home Décor styles with aesthetic appeal

Planning for an exquisite home décor? Well, you can adopt an aesthetic Spanish feel or go for the exotic Moroccan décor.

Arched doorways, exposed hardwood beams and high ceiling are very typical of the Spanish theme. Use warm paint shades like tans, orange or red. The conventional way is to create texture on your walls. Bright ceramic tiles (hand-painted) are an integral part of the Spanish essence. Hang colorful tapestries on your walls. Decorate the rooms with finely varnished wooden and wrought iron accessories. Liven up your home with indoor plants in terracotta pots.

The Moroccan theme uses strong shades like ochre reds, blazing oranges or even gold or silver all over your home. Wooden and wrought iron furniture with intricate scroll works and pearl inlays are perfect to set the mood. The Moroccans prefer to settle furniture closer to the ground. Luxurious fabrics, scented candles and rich rugs can be used to create the needed lavish look. Liven up the room with Moroccan lanterns and lamps.