Simple yet elegant furniture for your home

Furniture is an integral part of home décor and it plays a major role in making your home look appealing. In fact furniture actually makes or breaks the entire decoration of your home. If you are not very confident about experimenting with furniture, it’s advisable to stick with furniture that is simple yet elegant.

You can decorate your house with the American-Country style furniture that became extremely popular in the 1980s. This furniture has a simple, casual style and look like hand crafted furniture. Muted colors and vintage fabrics are the highlights of this type of furniture. Though the pieces of furniture in a room need not match ensure that they have similar traits.

You can also go in for the Art-Deco style furniture that came in vogue around 1910. They are simple and sleek and needless to say are extremely appealing. The highlights of this type of furniture are flowing lines, cubism and exotic colors.