Shabby chic designs for your room

Shabby chic designs, home decorWhen we talk about shabby chic designs for you room it simply means comfort is going to lure you soon. Here are some points which if followed will garner a well decorated room in the comfort shedding shabby chic design:

1. Slip covered sofas, antique pieces, distressed furniture, old fashioned patterned romantic or feminine touches all are the nuances of a shabby chic design. These define the style.
2. It’s not good to get sloppy. Looking cosy and comfortable is ok but then seeming undone is a turn off.
3. The best part about shabby chic design is that it believes in adding life to make any old item new. It practices recycling. Try using the old items to put them in a manner that will make it again look useable.
4. Matching clothes or stuff is not mandatory. Just put it because it is supposed to be put should be the headline.
5. Accessorize the room. Try putting pictures on the walls. A night lamp.
As the name goes shabby chic design means doing as u like it way. It has no formalities and rules to follow.