Regency style décor

Home decor ideas, home decorYou can decorate your house in the way you want to but you should have specific knowledge and information about the interior decoration. If you can apply your knowledge and then decorate your house accordingly you can give a real classy look to your rooms and prevent it from looking trashy. Here you will get to know about the Regency Style of interior décor which was in practise during the early nineteenth century.

These styles were used to celebrate the victorious conquests of Napoleon. The Regency style was inspired from the Greek ornaments and also from Chinoiserie. The ceilings were made lower and there was a central medallion for hanging the chandelier. The doors and other wooden works saw faux marbles and wood grained finishes. The fabrics used in Regency style were light and designed with floral patterns. The lounge was popular and you can find gorgeous settees and sofas. You can notice that the grouping of chairs was very prevalent in those days to facilitate conversation. You can see how elegant this style is for your house and with this you can add a classy look to your house.