Limited in space? Pick the best from the lot

Are you staying in a match-box sized apartment because your purse strings are a bit tight at the moment? Well, let not staying in a small dig stall your creativity. Using a bit of planning, you can decorate your small apartment with lovely furniture.

For your small living room use simply designed, small furniture. You can use coffee tables with sliding doors or shelves in your living room. This will enable you to store your magazines and books easily. For seating arrangement, use ottomans that come with inside space. If the floor space in your living room is limited, it’s advisable to go vertical. Buy a tall bookcase instead of two smaller bookcases.

Get round dining tables for the dining room. Round tables take up lesser space than rectangular dining tables. If you have no separate dining room in your apartment, use a small table that will double up as your dining and work table. To create space in your bedroom, get loft beds or foldaway beds.