Learn to create space with style in your home

Are you clueless about finding some free space in your pad? Well, following these tips might help you immensely. First of all, try to select those furniture like drawer beds, coffee table with closet and sofa beds that have enormous storage capacity. Perch the large furniture pieces against wall and thus keep the middle space of the room free and airy.

Choosing the main furniture of your room matching the color of your wall would be a good decision, in this way you can make your room look larger and to get the best result of it, put the furniture into the corners of the room so that the pathways are not blocked.

Try to go for open armed chairs, sofas and glass top centre tables. Setting the book shelves, cabinets diagonally can make your room look bigger. Always clean up your rooms and keep on discarding the useless articles and don’t mess up your walls with loads of frames and pictures and using mirrors sensibly can make your room look uncluttered.