Learn to build a brick wall

build a brick wall,constructionBuilding a brick wall is an easy job and you too can accomplish it, all you need is hard work and concentration. Here are the few simple steps to build a wall.

Unless you have to build a complete house, usually a wall is built against an already existing wall. Make sure a few days beforehand that the place where you want to build a brick wall has concrete or not, if not then pour some concrete for a few days beforehand. Keep all you need ready. Among mortar to bricks, when it comes to bricks there are several kind of bricks available in the market from short, long, skinny, wide etc. select the perfect brick according to your need. First make a mark of brick on the ground, don’t apply any mortar. Mark with a chalk and leave a half inch space between two horizontally placed bricks. Now first place the two bricks then apply mortar between the bricks and half inch above them. Continue the process both vertically and horizontally. The most important thing to keep in mind is the sequence and measurement. Go for it you can surely accomplish the job.