Latest in flooring 2014

flooring 2014Some of the styles have been there for many years but some of the trends have started this year and are rising in popularity. We are into the 2014 construction year and the styles for interior flooring are rising. For a large assortment of reason the customs homes are very stylish from year to year.

Below given are some of the trends which people have been following:

• Natural stone or tile is the most famous merchandise that is utilized in bathroom floor. Still the hardwood floors are mostly fitted in many houses.
• While installing the bigger tiles the brick pattern is the most admired and simplest mode of installation.
• The entrance towards home are mostly tiles or slate because of easy clean up and stability of the product. By default we normally install electric floor heating under tiles while using natural stone in fitted bathrooms.
• In spite of changing directions or patterning it we run the hardwood all the same way throughout the home. All time the engineered hardwood is high in popularity.
• Carrera marble is normally utilized in master ensuites to provide it a comfortable look like high end hotels.

Below given is the list of new trends in flooring for custom houses:

• At the moment the Hand painted clay attractive tiles is all frenzy.
• Cork flooring is being fixed in kitchens which also act as a cushion for those people who spent a long time in kitchen while cooking meals. This it is also very soft.
• Lesser numbers of carpets are going in the custom homes nowadays. More of the engineered hardwoods are being installed in the basement for a fine finishing. Those products which are quite simple to clean are growing more and more in popularity rather than carpets which need more attention while cleaning.
• Pre-finished hardwood flooring has made a strong response.
• In place of carpet, hardwood in the bedrooms have emerged a lot nowadays. With the latest heating systems to help the home to remain warm, the wooden floors are not as cold as they were in the older years.
• Scandinavian fumed white oak now is all the frenzy. This is a kind of white oak that is pulverized in Scandinavia and is transported to North America as engineered flooring with no finishing in it. Before it is installed it has to be finished with oil finish. The entire look is very trendy and unique.