How To Make Your House As Fireproof As Possible

Fireproof houseSafety of yourself and your family is very important. Natural disasters and accidents are phenomena which can occur any time and you can do little to prevent them. Fire the most powerful element can destroy the entire property of your house and even your house. There are certain precautions which you have to undertake:-

• Fire extinguishers should be at an approachable place –
the most common place where you find fire extinguisher is in the kitchen but for safety the fire extinguishers should be kept in almost all the rooms of the houses. You should remember that keeping the fire extinguisher near the fire place requires attention. Attics, basement and garages are places where extinguishers should be kept. Since lot of materials which are flammable are found in such places it is advisable to keep the extinguishers there.

• Carpeting should be fire resistant – it is the material which depends a lot on how quickly the fire starts. Wool and fibres of synthetic catches fire easily. Today fire resistant carpets are available. They have colourful designs and patterns to choose from. It adds to the decor of the house. Even small rugs should be treated with a chemical which is fireproof.

• Installation and proper checking of the alarms of smoke – modern homes have smoke alarms which have a critical role to play. If the fire starts out then the alarm gives the warning early. If you are looking at the cost of the smoke alarm be sure that the premium of the insurance will take care of it. But what you have to take care of its maintenance. After some months the smoke alarm should be checked. If the battery requires replacement then be sure that you do it on time.

• Wiring overload is dangerous – Short circuit among the wiring is a common cause so be sure that no wires hang loosely and have an electrician check the wiring so that no spark is given out. Checking the wiring after few months, checking the plugs, animal damage can destroy your wiring.

• The drills of exit – escape route from the house’s room should be planned if at all the rises. The members should get out of the house and then call up the department of fire from the house of the neighbour. The planning of drill should be known to each and every member of the house. For those who live in an apartment it is advisable to escape from the staircase rather than taking the elevator.

• Electricity that you should be aware of – turning of f all the appliances of electric after using them is advisable. Surge protectors should be used. If the cord is small and takes up lot of voltage then it is not safe.

Other than the given steps it is the common sense that matters. Even fireproofing does not mean that you are immune from fire at your place. You have to checklist all the items which uses fire as the medium.