How to clean electrical connectors

 electrical connectors , home improvementElectrical connectors are prone to corrosion if they are exposed to elements of the weather. This corrosion is likely to impede electricity flow and can lead to damage of the device when it is powered. So, it is very important that you clean the male and female electrical connectors as soon as you find them dirty. Here are a few tips for cleaning the female electrical connectors.

You will have to first spray the female socket with contact cleaner. If no contact cleaner is available, you must use vinegar. You will then have to put in a small diameter steel brush inside the socket and rotate it in the clockwise direction. This will remove all the debris that had accumulated in the orifice. Each of the pin sockets should be cleaned similarly, using the small diameter steel brush. Keep in mind that the process of cleaning male connectors is different from cleaning female connectors.