How to balance out your décor accessories

décor accessories, décor   Decorating accessories don’t have any particular rule. Some prefer decorating their walls with nicely crafted wall arts or photographs while others choose to highlight on a particular object. If you follow a few basic rules regarding the texture, color of your house then you can marvelously adorn your home with the right accessories. The shelf, cabinets, fireplace can be adorned with small pieces of accessories and small round shaped tea lights. Placement and symmetry of accessories is another important point to be considered.

The area of your fireplace could be nicely decorated with a number of similar looking candles properly placed around it. Small accessories can be placed in rows to give it a linear look and large decorative pieces could be placed in the front area. Your home décor must reflect your personality and hence you can use a few antique pieces too like old tea pots as vases from your family collection.