Drastically change your bathroom’s look with effective yet simple guidelines

bathroom décor, bathroom careWant to redecorate your bathroom and give it a total makeover? Bathroom is surely one of the most vital places of your home and it requires proper care. Here are a few simple ways to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Change the tub fixtures or get new shower combined with tubs.  Sinks of porcelain can be a good option for refinish. Flooring should be done with water-proof materials and moisture retention capability.

Ceramic tiles can be used to give an elegant look. Organic tiles can also be used. You can install new dim lights which will enhance the experience while taking a shower. Spot lights can be fitted above the face mirror. To save floor space, go for the wall-hung toilet. Replace the old sink with a pedestal one. Paint the walls with a lighter shade if your bathroom is not very spacious. Go for vibrant colors if your bathroom is quite big. Finally, put a nice painting on the wall near the tub or door to add to its beauty.