Doing up a small kitchen

Kitchen decoration, kitchen decor ideasIf your kitchen space is small, the first thing which you must do is install built in wall cabinets, make sure that there are plenty of drawers and shelves in them so that you can categorize and organize all your items, jars and cutlery at ease. You should also make some larger cabinet areas where you can store electronic gadgets which you don’t need every day like a blender or an ice cream maker.

Apart from the basic cleanliness, one thing which you should always keep in mind is that your kitchen should give out vibes which are joyous and happy. Cooking should be done in a good mood. So make sure that the décor is something which can brighten your day. So have intense hues on the walls like sunshine yellow or even red. Buy colorful cutlery too. You can put up fairy lights and a small potted cactus on the window sill if you want to create a harmonious look.