Different types of home elevator

Home elevators, home improvementThere are many different kinds of elevators to know about. One of the most common types is known as the vacuum elevators. However, the problem with them is that they can be very noisy. They do not require a machine room as they have their own hoist. Another popular type of home elevators is the overheard drum elevator.

They never need any oil for functioning and they are also very eco friendly. They are a very popular choice by the modern homeowners. They are installed generally on the roof and they do not need any counterweight for moving. The counterweight elevators are also quite popular when it comes to the home elevators. They may be called the electric elevator as well. The car is suspended in the shaft with the help of the counterweights. No oil is used in this elevator. However, the problem is that it is not a very safe option with its suspension system.