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How to Clean your Metal Roof

how to clean your metal roofMetal roofs are considered to be one of the best types of roofing method which you can go for in your home. There are many benefits which are available if you are going to install metal roofs in your home. But just installing the metal roof once is not the only job which you need to go for but after installing it maintaining it and cleaning your metal roof is considered to be the actual job which the home owners are required to be followed up with. There are many factors which affects the metal roofing which you have installed in your home. So it is considered to be mandate criteria for the home owners to follow up with the process of cleaning your metal roofs.

The core motive of this article is to provide you with the steps which you are going to be required for the matters of cleaning your metal roofs which are installed in your home. There are many things which the home owners are needed to take in to consideration at the time of going for the process of cleaning your metal roofs like thinking for the budget, preparing for the tools and materials which you are going to need, the safety measure which the home owners are needed to comply with, etc. and many more of the things which you need to take in to account at the time of going for the procedure of cleaning your metal roofs at your home.

How to clean your metal roof

  • Firstly you need to get the knowledge of the scope of the things and the surface of the roof. This will help you in getting the perfect idea about what thing you need to take in to consideration at the time of going for cleaning your metal roof which is installed in your home. the matters which you need to cover in this is the paint which is being applied to the rood, the metal shingles which are damaged, etc. and many more of the things.
  • Now it is the time to make the plan in to actual action of cleaning your metal roof. Get all the things and the tools ready which you are going to need in the process. But don’t forget to get the safety measure in to prime consideration. If you are not going to hire the roofing contractor for this process than you need to go for the safety measure as you are going to climb up on the roof.
  • Clean up the mold, extra paints which has been peeled off and remove all those debris which you observe on the surface of the roof. You can also take the help of the power washer which is easily available in the market. After complying with this add up and paint your roof again, this will help you in increasing the life of your metal roof which has been installed in your home. Doing the process of cleaning your metal roof in this manner will help you in not only getting your roof done but with all the less expenses which you have thought for. Well in simple words the work will be done in under budget.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Maintenance

Asphalt Shingle Roofing MaintenanceIf you are having an agenda to maintain the value of your home and keep it intact in the way it is then asphalt shingle roofing maintenance is must. Asphalt shingle roofing maintenance is necessary in the same manner as it is necessary to maintain your yard and other areas of your home. You always want your home to look beautiful and for that you maintain many areas of your home but roofing is such a thing which is out of sight and hence asphalt shingle roofing maintenance is neglected. But asphalt shingle roofing maintenance is equally important and thus it should not be ignored in fact make it a point of focus and start working on it. Here are some of the tips which will be helpful in asphalt shingle roofing maintenance.

  • Clean debris

It’s not only your roof; all the roofs collect debris over a period of time.  Debris includes leaves, garbage, branches and such other things but if you are on the work of asphalt shingle roofing maintenance then it is the step to be done to clean over the debris from your roof. Debris can be collected behind or in between other objects which project from your roof like HVAC, chimney or pipes. It is very essential for the asphalt shingle roofing maintenance that debris should be removed from the roof on a regular basis so water doesn’t get collected on your roof and it will not be able to deteriorate your asphalt roofing.

  • Inspect for moss and algae

Moss and algae which are formed on your roof make a great contribution in deteriorating your asphalt shingles. Whenever you discover that algae and moss are growing on your roof, you should remove them as quickly as possible. It is a pro in asphalt shingle roofing maintenance. You can make use of zinc or lead control strips for removal of moss and algae.

  • Check roof flashings

While you are inspecting your roof, don’t forget to take a look at its flashing. These are the strips which are made up of aluminum, galvanized steel or sheet metal. These are placed over the joints inside the roof which will help to prevent water from getting into your home. Hence for asphalt shingle roofing maintenance, it is must to have a check on the flashing. Leaking roof flashing is a great source for water intrusion in the house through the roof. Thus check out the flashing and look for any cracks or openings.

  • Check out the gutters

One of the major parts of asphalt shingle roofing maintenance is checking out the gutters. If you want the water to flow properly and don’t get penetrated on your roof and damage them, then you must check out the gutters properly. Along with gutters also check the downspouts and see whether there is any debris collected in the gutters and blocking up the easy flow of water. Make sure your gutters is functioning in proper manner and there is no blockage in gutters.

When to Replace a Roof

spoiled roofDo we really know that which is the exact time to replace our roof and install a new roof. We are very busy in our routine life and don’t have any idea of maintaining the roof. And we finally realize it when our roof is in extreme bad situation that it is now needed to be replaced. So it is advisable to fix up the damages and errors for less expense. And it is more beneficial to keep the roof maintained because it can help you at the time of selling off your home. More amount of money can be obtained at the time of selling the home because each and every part of the house is maintained in a proper manner including the roof. The research states that the roof should be inspected twice a year for better results and safeguarding. There are many preferences which can help you to determine the exact time to replace your roof.

They are:

  • The sagging of roof which takes place due to non maintenance of your roof and as the roof has its particular age this thing often occurs.


  • The water leakages and drainages is another indication of replacing your roof because water drainage can create water entering in your home through your roof.


  • Due to less maintenance there are chances of tear in your roof which can be confirmed by the sunlight entering in the house through the roof.


  • The upper surface of the roof is build with metal, wooden, asphalt, slate, etc roofing methods. When its surface is spoiled and strains are seen on it then it is the right time to change and replace your roof and install a new roof.


  • Normal wear and tear of any roof is customary but the extreme circumstances it is advisable to change the roof because it can craft more damages to your home and more expenditure can take place as compared to the estimated.


  • The cracks, peeled area, damaged tiles or shingles on the roof shows that it is needed to be replaced for a better roofing and to increase the durability of the house.


  • Every roof which is installed has its own time criteria till which it can sustain and be durable in nature. After that period the roof s are mandatory to be replaced and new roof must be constructed by hiring the roofing contractor.


  • The granules of shingles or tiles which comes out due to heavy rainfall or water blockage, wind, storm than it is the right instance to change your roof and dismental it.


  • The edges of the roof which are constructed if it is baggy and they are creating a problem in the drainage of water and it is torn out due to any circumstances than it must be replaced by installing a new roof.


  • The moisture or moss or algae which construct their roots in the roof are in excessive than it is the high time to replace your roof and consign a new installation of roofing method which is suitable for your home construction.

6 Green Roofing Options

Green RoofingThe concept of green roofs has increased in the current trends. Homeowners wish to install such roof which is less expensive, environmental friendly, saves energy like electricity consumption, etc. Yes, the word specifies green means plants and vegetation but in the roofing structures it means those roofing option which allows more cooled attic region in the home and helps the home owners to reduce the energy consumption of the home. The products which are used in the installation of the roof are made up of natural elements which do not damage the roof and helps the roof to be cooler as compared to other roofing methods. Even garden can be installed as the roof for protecting the home from direct intense heat of sun and many other aspects regarding damaging the roof. The list of the green roof options will be useful for you to determine the aspects regarding which roofing option should be installed in your home as the roof.

6 Green Roofing Options:

  • Shingles and Shake Roofing

Shingles and Shake RoofingThe material which is used in the installation of shingles as roofing is made up of natural elements and is considered as the roof with green effects in it. This are made up of natural clay which can last for a long period of time and is sustainable in nature. They are considered as the roof with cooling effects in it.


  • Tile Roofing

Tile RoofingIf you are thinking to install such roofing method which can last for a long period of time than tile roofing is the best green roofing option which can be exercised by the homeowners in their home. Tiles are made up of natural ingredients which are eco friendly in nature and do not harm the environment.


  • Roof Pavers

Roof PaversThis is the newly established roofing material which is made up of natural elements which keeps the roof cool sue to its width of tile. This are place on the tile roofing method for making the roof more cool and efficient to save the electricity consumption of the homeowners.


  • Metal Roof

Metal RoofYes, you might be thinking that I have elected wrong roofing method in green roofing but I am right. Metal roofing is considered to be hot roofing but the metal tiles or the stripes which are coated with special paint, which gives cooling effect to the roof once it is installed in the roof. This paint is of light colored and chemical are applied with it so that the roof does not gets more heated due to the heat of the sun, but it maintains the temperature of roof.


  • Coated Roofing

Coated RoofingAnother roofing method which can be helpful in maintaining the roof temperature is coated roofing. In this roofing style, paint is coated to the surfaced roof to keep the roof cool as compared to the other roofing methods. The concept of coated roofing is the current trend which is accepted by the homeowners.


  • Garden Roofing

Garden RoofingThe best option to exercise as roofing is the green plantation in your roof. this style of roofing will help you to maintain the temperature of the atmosphere and will give you the chance to enhance the wish of implementing the garden in the empty space which is unused in the top surface of the roof.