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Kids room furniture: keeping in within budget

Kids room furnitureDesigning a kids room can be tedious and confusing cause most kids may no idea what they want in their room except their games and therefore it is up to parents to furnish their room in a way that the kids would fine useful.

Keeping within a budget is a must do when you are designing your kids room cause your kids will outgrow most of them and soon you will have to replace them to suit their needs and their height! The best option is to go for a couch cum bed that the kid can sleep in and which can be used to entertain his friends when they come to visit.

Going for cupboards that pack in storage space for their games is a good idea as it will save space and money as well. Choosing a study table of the kid’s height is important but remember that it soon has to be changed and therefore buy one that is reasonably priced.

How to pick shutters

Buy home shutters, home accessoriesWhen it comes to choosing interior shutters, one of the best options is wood. They could be a bit expensive but they are very effective when it comes to durability and quality. There are a lot of options to choose from among the different kinds of woods. You could go for the faux wood option as well.

They can give you almost the same look as that of a wooden shutter but in this case, your expenses will be low. You can also get them painted according to your taste. A very modern look can be achieved by these shutters. Going for faux wood could be a convenient option as it would need less maintenance and lass care. They may not give you the genuine wooden appeal but they are perfect to get a bright feel and they can be a good choice for the kid’s rooms. Another good choice in this regard is the vinyl shutters.

Add a touch of spring to your home décor

Home decor ideas, home decorSpring is probably one of the best seasons of the year and there is something about this season that speaks of color and life! If you want this spring to not only color your life but your house as well then the best way to do it is by adding a touch of spring to your home décor. Here are a few tips that can help you out:

• Add color, in which ever way you want. The best ways in which you can implement color is by going for floral shades for your curtains, bedcovers, couch covers and may be even table covers. There are millions of floral shades to choose from and one can choose according to one’s taste.
• Buy flowers and install them at various positions in the house in colorful vases or any other type that goes with your décor well. Spring is the best time for flowers and let them bloom and add freshness to your décor.

How to decorate an extra space

Home decor ideas, home decorGot an extra space in your house that you want to decorate? Well then there are tons of ideas to choose from! You can either decorate the space so that it is usable or decorate it so that the space adds a glam or romantic quotient to your décor. If utility is what you are looking for then you can throw in a beautiful rug and some cushions to create a cozy spot for your family and guests.

Large decorative mirrors can be used to glam up the extra space and keep the floor area clean. Another idea is to have racks and racks of attractive objects on display like coffee mugs or any other quirky showpiece. You can also put up a bookshelf to show off your collection of books or decorate the walls with photo frames of your family and friends. No matter what you do, make sure it looks exciting.

Doing up a small kitchen

Kitchen decoration, kitchen decor ideasIf your kitchen space is small, the first thing which you must do is install built in wall cabinets, make sure that there are plenty of drawers and shelves in them so that you can categorize and organize all your items, jars and cutlery at ease. You should also make some larger cabinet areas where you can store electronic gadgets which you don’t need every day like a blender or an ice cream maker.

Apart from the basic cleanliness, one thing which you should always keep in mind is that your kitchen should give out vibes which are joyous and happy. Cooking should be done in a good mood. So make sure that the décor is something which can brighten your day. So have intense hues on the walls like sunshine yellow or even red. Buy colorful cutlery too. You can put up fairy lights and a small potted cactus on the window sill if you want to create a harmonious look.

Adding a personal touch to your college dorm

wall artThere is no doubt that college life is likely to be one of the most memorable and vital parts of your life that is also likely to build the base for your professional life. But a college life cannot become complete with just work and studies, having a little fun amidst the busy schedules of classes is very necessary to maintain the charm that you would wish to have in these splendidly memorable years of your life.
A college life cannot become complete without the college dorm.

The college dorm is likely to be the place where you are going to spend some of the most memorable and joyous times of your years in college. To maintain the proper charm of your college and making it pleasingly memorable it is very essential that you personalise your space in the college dorm according to your preferences. This personalisation can be done by adding the posters or contemporary wall art and show pieces of your choice and by using the bed sheets of your preferred colors.

Where to Place a Floor Fountain

Floor Fountain, home decorPeople have always been interested in the idea of finding new items for décor for their homes. Floor fountains have been around for a long time and they just don’t seem to go out of fashion. There are many people in aristocratic families who used to have water floor fountains in the gardens and hallways. But now, these fountains have been revolutionized and are being used at contemporary homes as well.

The best place to fit your floor fountain would be the garden. If you have a garden or even a grassy backyard, place it in the middle or a corner. Decorate the surroundings with creepers and fairy lights to make the place look heavenly. You can also place it at the side walk of your driveway. If you have a big hall in your home, having it placed in the center of the hall is also a great idea.

Fancy yet functional kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting ideas , kitchen decorKitchen lighting has been a fascination for many and with the modern lights that have come up especially for the kitchen, they have become more fascinated. When you are buying lights for your kitchen keep in mind that they must look fancy and function properly as well. The basic theme of your kitchen lights should be bright and glare free. While choosing the lights you must first decide where you will set them up.

Ceiling has traditionally been the best place to have any kind of light but nowadays many homes have their lights fixed on the walls. This modern method can be used to make your kitchen look beautiful with the lights that you buy. There are functional lamps, various colors of bulbs and tubes and many other forms of lights that are available in the market to decorate your kitchen. So choose from them and make the kitchen more luminously beautiful.

Shabby chic designs for your room

Shabby chic designs, home decorWhen we talk about shabby chic designs for you room it simply means comfort is going to lure you soon. Here are some points which if followed will garner a well decorated room in the comfort shedding shabby chic design:

1. Slip covered sofas, antique pieces, distressed furniture, old fashioned patterned romantic or feminine touches all are the nuances of a shabby chic design. These define the style.
2. It’s not good to get sloppy. Looking cosy and comfortable is ok but then seeming undone is a turn off.
3. The best part about shabby chic design is that it believes in adding life to make any old item new. It practices recycling. Try using the old items to put them in a manner that will make it again look useable.
4. Matching clothes or stuff is not mandatory. Just put it because it is supposed to be put should be the headline.
5. Accessorize the room. Try putting pictures on the walls. A night lamp.
As the name goes shabby chic design means doing as u like it way. It has no formalities and rules to follow.

Things to keep in mind while buying mosaic tiles

Buy mosaic tiles, mosaic tilesMosaic tiles are a great way to decorate the floor of your house. These kinds of floorings were available many years ago but recently, they are making their way into home once again. Their looks have changed as well. Many people are opting for the transparent mosaic tiles these days as they give rooms a very calm and futuristic look.

It is quicker to find dealers for mosaic tiles as they are many in number. You can also find constructors online who are ready to sell these in lower prices per tile. The installation of mosaic tiles also takes less time as compared to installation of marble or vinyl tiles. These mosaic tiles come in various pretty colors and even in retro designs and patterns.  But you need to use a strong lamination with them as they can crack after a few years. Cleaning these tiles is easy due to their shiny and smooth surface. Cleaning them with floor cleaning solutions and vacuum cleaning them, once a week should be more than enough.