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Easy Ways To Decorate Your Home

Home decorAn empty home is just like an empty canvas, decorating your home is just like painting your empty canvas with a personality filled space where you are going to love your stay and adore your space. Whether you are bored with your old space and transforming it into new one or you are decorating an empty house, the excitement of decorating your home still remains the same. If you are a kind of person who likes experimenting with the things then you can try big and bulky changes while decorating your home and if you are not much experimental with the things then you can try making minor changes while decorating your home. Here are some of the easily incorporating tips which will help you decorate your home.

  • Paint your walls

If you are living in a home which is rented then painting home while decorating your home might not be a convenient option for you. But if you are having house of your own then painting your walls could be the easiest way to make a big change in your home and probably the best way to decorate your home. While decorating your home, choosing a proper color for painting your home plays big role. Choosing wrong color can be total disaster and choosing the right color will be like cherry on a cake for decorating your home. Don’t play safe and conserve your thought while choosing colors as paint can also be repainted. Thus, if you are having a vibrant personality, go for bold and vibrant colors and explore your decorating ideas while decorating your home. If you have a decent taste and sober personality then you can pick such colors which match up with your personality like grey or blue. These are the colors which fit in with your taste and style.

  • Try different furnishings

While decorating your home, furniture also plays one of the major roles. A home can be really good and fancy with new construction, various décor items and eye pleasing paint colors but whole look can be ruined with old and dull furniture. Thus to add up spice to your home while decorating your home, you can try out new furnishings. The type of furniture you want to install totally depends upon your taste. You can have furnishing which gives you comfort like a sofa where you can lie with popcorn and watch TV or you can go with elegant and classy couch to enjoy your evening coffee.

  • Use decorative items

When you are done with major changes while decorating your home like paint and furniture now it’s time for minor stuff. Decorating your home always feel incomplete without having some decorative items to be added in it. While decorating your home, you can use rugs, curtains, hangings, frames, wind charms, wall décor accessories and such other things. You can also use some artwork or some pictures of yours or flower pot or any such thing while decorating your home. One of the easiest ways of decorating your home can also be adding lighting to your home.

Natural Flowers for Home Décor

Natural Flowers home decorYour home is your personal paradise which has to be decorated in such a way that it spreads happiness and warmth among your family members. One of the best ways to decorate your home is by utilizing natural flowers. As a homeowner, you will get the ultimate opportunity to add sensual textures and vivid colors in different areas of your home with the help of the variety of natural flowers that are available in the market these days.

You can conveniently change the home décor if you have utilized natural flowers to decorate it and you can transform the décor according to a particular season or special occasion. This means you have a certain amount of flexibility when natural flowers are used for home décor. Flowers are perhaps the most inexpensive décor accessories which make your home look highly fashionable, alive and luxurious.

Before you select the natural flowers for home décor you must keep in mind the overall décor and location of your home. Seasons, color schemes, pets, children and health concerns are other things that will determine the selection of natural flowers.

Selection of natural flowers on the basis of the seasons:

• Autumn: Utilize red-dyed chrysanthemums, sunflowers and other golden-hued or rusty-orange natural flowers along with autumn leaves to decorate your home during the autumn season.

• Summer: During this season make sure that your home is decorated with brightly colored and vibrant natural flowers such as sunflowers and dahlias.

• Spring: Tulips and daffodils will perhaps be the best kind of natural flowers which will make your home look absolutely attractive during the spring season.

• Winter: The perfect natural flowers for the winter months would be white and red amaryllises accentuated with stems, ivy or holly of pines.

Selection of natural flowers on the basis of the rooms in your home:

• Living Room: Natural flowers give a very soothing and tranquil effect to the living room. Utilize gerbera daisies or gardenia daisies along with floating candles in order to decorate the living room gorgeously.

• Bedroom: Lilies, lilacs, peonies, freesias and tea roses can be good choices for decorating your bedroom. Along with that, you can use chamomiles, lavenders, carnations and roses to create a scented atmosphere in your bedroom.

• Kitchen: Enhance the overall look of your kitchen by using a good variety of sun loving natural flowers such as primroses, African violets or Kalanchoe.

• Dining Room: Roses, orchids, calla lilies and any other natural flowers can be used appropriately to decorate your dining room.

• Guest Bedroom: You can simply utilize any natural flowers like dahlias, roses, orchids, tulips etc. in order to make the guest room extremely beautiful.

Selection of natural flowers on the basis of the style you want to create:

• Contemporary style can be created using bird of paradise blooms, orchids and calla lilies.

• Tulips, daisies and dahlias can help create the country style in your home.

• Traditional style can be created using natural flowers such as roses, lilies, chrysanthemums etc.

Doing up your home this fall

home décor for fallFall is the season of regeneration, positivity and new hope. As the season approaches people love to re-do their home décor in tune with the bright ambience around. Are you too planning a new home décor for fall and looking for the right tips? Well, the post here is a brief on how to deck up your home beautifully this fall.
Let’s start with wall paints. If you have not refurbished your home for long, the coming fall is the right season to get a fresh coat of paint for the walls. The season signifies vibrancy and warmth- hence orange and yellow would be the perfect pick here. A hint of brown and green here and there would make the paint-work perfect. In regards to furnishing, there’s no need to waste bucks on new tables or chairs; rather you can opt for a professional polish for the wooden cabinets, the table legs and chairs. Change the cushion and bedding covers. Get fresh covers with floral motifs.
As for table decoration, place a sizeable fresh pumpkin on the tabletop and line it up with colorful leaves. Leaf garlands or wreath are hallmark accessories for fall room décor. Hang the leaf garlands on your walls and at the hallway. You can also hang long leaf garlands along the mantle side. Place a nice vase adorned with fresh and bright fall flowers. However, never overcrowd the mantle as otherwise it will give out an unsightly cluttered feel around. For the floors, a bright colored flotaki rug would be perfect. Flotaki rugs are available in varied shades enabling you to pick up a suitable one aligning with your home décor.
Hayt bales are another important feature reminding of the fall season. You will get hay bales for decoration from home improvement stores. Pile them up at your lawn and cover them with a warm colored fabric, creating unique seats for your garden brunch guests.

Coloring up your culinary space

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen lately and confused on the right color options? It’s said that colors have a huge role to play in affecting the moods of a person- your kitchen is one of the most frequented places in your home and hence you have to make sure that the hues used are inviting enough. The article her highlights on the color options that you can count on for your culinary space.

Now, it should be mentioned that your kitchen presents an already heated up ambience given the continuous presence of fire, gas and steam inside. Thus, the warmer shades like red or orange are a strict no her as these hues will further escalate the temperature level, created a disturbed environ while you cook. Black is another “no” when it comes to choosing colors for kitchen space. The best option here is butterscotch. It’s light yet not dull and ensures a refreshing feel. Moreover as most of the kitchens come up with wooden cabinets, butterscotch would be ideal since soft yellow always maintains a wonderful camaraderie with brown.

Other than butterscotch, you can count on mint green for the kitchen. Mint green begets a cool and refreshing feel inside which is a sure relief in the already heated up culinary environment. It should be stressed here that the small kitchens should especially take to lighter shades while the big ones do have the liberty to experiment with bold colors at times. For example, when you have a big kitchen you can use hint of scarlet for your cabinets, while keeping the entire room light. White or off-white is the perfect shade for smaller kitchens. If you find white too monotonous, the trick is to use colorful utensils so that you get the desired dose of brightness inside.

Using fairy lights in your bedroom

fairy lights in bedroomThe lighting scheme in your bedroom is one of the very important things that you consider carefully. This is because the complete appearance and look of your bedroom depends a lot on the lighting scheme used in your bedroom. Of the various lights in the market, you can use fairy lights for decorating the bedroom.

The fairy lights vary in their style, design and pattern. The types of the fairy lights you use in your bedroom should be completely governed by the interior of your bedroom. You can use fairy lights designed with artificial flowers to decorate your bedroom.

Many other types of decorative fairy lights are available like the ones designed in the pattern of stars and bells. The fairy lights are mostly available in the market during the Christmas time. But you can also get them all throughout the year. You can contact any interior designer to decorate your bedroom attractively with fairy lights.

Bohemian fabric décor for your bedroom

bedroom decor, bedroomThe bohemian fabric is very much exquisite in nature and is also unique and attractive. The quality of the fabric should be good enough to give you the ultimate comfort while on bed. While buying a fabric, you must be very much careful to see so that the fabric is of 100% cotton which is a very good absorbent and is very much comfortable.

The design and colors of the fabric for your bedroom should be chosen very much carefully. You can go for more vibrant colors such as blue, red, etc. The designs and patterns of the fabric are also very important. There are many patterns available in the market for the bohemian bedroom fabric.

You can also use floral prints for your fabric which gives a more feminine look. However if you are looking for a masculine look then you can choose the patterned fabric. They are available in almost all leading stores in your locality. You can also take help of the internet to search for better bohemian bedroom fabrics.

Bring In A Bit of Egypt in Your Décor

Home decor ideas, home decorThere is something very mystical and intriguing about Egypt and its elements. Egyptian home décor is something which people are experimenting with, all over the world. If you want to decorate your living room or bedroom with a bit of Egyptian touch to it, then here are some great ideas. Egyptians loved to play with majestic colors in their décor and art forms. Use a lot of vintage wallpaper in stripes of gold and silver or copper.

You can also go for toile designs with white on gold or vice versa or any other dazzling color for your fabrics. You can use wooden coffee tables with Egyptian motifs or hieroglyphics symbols inscribed on them. Wall hangings in Egyptian styled themes like pharaoh mask or a Ra God eye figure or the symbol of life can be used to decorate the walls. Instead of using general photo frames, you can go for special frames with metallic details to add that extra touch of glamour.

Ideas for a vintage bedroom

vintage bedroom, bedroom designBedrooms are the most relaxing and peaceful arena among the other important rooms. After the whole long day of work when you relax at your cherished bed and even the cozy pleasant memories with your loved ones are associated with your own bedrooms. Among the contemporary ideas of styling your bedroom vintage style stands apart and give you a touch of look especially of 1940s and 1950s.the vintage look gives your bedroom a good appearance which distinguishes it from the other standard bedrooms of your acquaintances ‘ .

You can derive your ideas watching a late 1950 movie or simply surf online. Vintage bedrooms replace just a mere bed with a bed with highly wooden decorative patterns and wooden pillars on the four edges. Vintage look too can be inserted using a wrought iron bed with just altering your modern furniture with some of your ancestral ones. Just add a bit polish to them to see how they create the real magic!

Making your deck eco friendly

eco friendly deck, home decorGardens are the part of nature or rather gives a naturalistic sensation to your villa. Everybody loves to have a deck in there garden and enjoy a sunny day by sitting outside with their family. Now, adding an eco friendly touch to your deck is quite a good idea. The following ways can help to make your deck more eco friendly:

• Coloring the deck green to suit the surrounding
• Made the deck out of wood and use no- VOC paints and seal it completely with green color paint.
• Do not use water repellant fabrics as these cushions are made up of Teflon and contain chemicals like PFOA.
• Choose furniture from the environmental conscious specialists who knows the exact way to make your patio look better and give you a nice feeling

There are more methods to making your deck eco friendly by organic products which will make your garden look beautiful. Just let your imagination wander.

Vibrant color choices for your living room

Living Room, home decorColors do reflect a lot about you. In fact, it tells many things about your personality. You should know that any kinds of colors have the power to make your living rooms look livelier and cool. The best would be if you try out the vibrant colors because it gives a positive effect on your mind and body as well. In the context, you can try out the combination of the yellow and red colors. These colors are too inviting. They would make your living rooms just look like a landscape.

In order to give a modern look to your living room you should definitely apply the combination of the chocolate and the bottle green. This combination will again portray a vibrant look to the entire ambience. In addition to this, you could also try out the combinations of the white and blue. This too gives a cool look.