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Tips to make a room divider all by yourself

One of the best ideas to make space within existing space is to use room dividers. They breaks a large space into more intimate small spaces like dividing a dining room from the living area or creating private spaces within a bedroom for 2 or more siblings. A room divider can be made very easily and at cheap methods by anyone at home itself.

Making a room divider needs basic tools like a drill, electric saw, measuring tape and some very common construction materials. One can find out the step by step instructions to make the same at any convenient website or bookstore. The different styles available and the different options in room divider can be easily known about from updated catalogues. Creating a room divider today is very easy due to the easy availability of materials and instantly one can change the look of one’s house.

Tips to take care of your cushion covers

It is good to cover your cushions with a cover in order to protect them. Cushion covers get stained with constant use. To clean cushion covers read the instructions given on the tag. Clean the covers with good quality detergent. If the covers have become too dirty, soak them in a mixture of water and detergent for an hour.

Do not wash cushion covers with anything else. Also don’t use hard detergents to wash the covers. If your cushion covers have embroidery on them then do not wash them in a washing machine. The threads may start coming off the cover and spoil the embroidery. Dry the covers in shade and not under the direct rays of the sun.

It is best to wash your covers every 15 days. This helps to maintain the beauty of the cushion covers. Keep two to three sets of covers and keep alternating them.

Tips to build a chicken coop for your back yard

Are you planning to build a chicken coop in your backyard? If you are, here are some tips. Your first step will be to take four metal posts and fix them to the ground in rectangular shape. Decide on the size you want. Around the four posts you will then have to wrap chicken wire. The mound has to be at least 2 inches inside and outside the chicken wire.

Now, place wooden posts on the ground and nail the 2×4 across them. For the slope, the wooden posts have to be slightly below the metal posts. Do the same thing on the opposite side as well. Your next step will be to nail tin roofing across the 2 2x4s. If you have more than 4 inches above the exit area you can make a door. Your last step will be to place a few pieces of plywood against metal posts loosely.

Tips to keep your driveway safe during the winter

Winter is a nice time to walk if you know how to keep your driveway free from ice. Removing ice is trickier but you can follow some steps which will help me. You can add floor wax to your shovel and make it more user-friendly. The slickness of the wax will help the shovel glide over the snow. The snow will also not stick to the shovel.

A very easy and cheap way to keep your driveway free from ice is by spreading rock salt on the driveway. Rock salt helps the ice to melt away. You can also use calcium chloride pellets to melt the ice at a lower temperature than rock salt.

Try using de-icing products like potassium chloride and magnesium chloride to remove ice at low temperatures. You can try using a hand-held propane torch to melt ice. One expensive yet effective way of keeping your driveway ice free is by having an electric heating system installed in the driveway.

The use of a Bean Bag Chair for your home décor

Bean Bag Chair is a beautiful thing that can make your home décor more attractive. Not only stylish, they are very comfortable and almost everyone loves to sit on them.
The bean bag chairs are wonderful and you can enjoy a lazy afternoon or a laidback evening relaxing on them. Polyethylene sheds, PVC pellets and dry beans are the main reason behind their softness and flexibility. The shapeless appearance of a bean bag chair makes it more attractive and popular. It will give you amazing comfort as soon as you sit on it. Anybody can sit easily on it irrespective of their body shape.

The most wonderful feature of a bean bag chair is the ample amount of space it provides. You can rest your back and arms with ease and enjoy. You will get space to support your head and neck too. So, a bean bag chair will give comfort and beauty at the same time.

Tips on keeping your kitchen neat and tidy

The place in your home that becomes untidy most easily is your kitchen. Utensil drawer filled with wire whisks that are mangled and half filled vinegar bottles in your cupboard can be a big turn off. So, it’s time to get organized and make your kitchen neat and tidy. Here are some tips.

Firstly, go through all the stuffs in your kitchen and get rid of things that you don’t need. Take all the utensils out of your drawers and cupboards and wash them properly with warm, soapy water. Rinse the utensils, let them dry and then put them back neatly in the drawers and cupboards.

The cooking utensils, pots and pans must be stored in order near your stove. The items that you rarely use must be removed from the counter top. You can make an “appliance barn” where you can put the appliances that you use regularly. Make sure that kids are able to reach for the items they need.

How you can save energy by painting your ceilings

People are under the misguided belief that the air indoors is not as polluted as outside. This is not true as your heath is equally suffered by inhaling indoor air. The paints used to decorate the interiors of the house are one of the leading causes. The invention of zero VOC paints not only save the pollution but also save energy at the same. These eco friendly paints are very cost effective and durable causing less harm to the health of you and your family.

These paints are also very easily available from any paint company particularly the real milk paint agencies. These agencies offer milk paints that can be combined with any kind of color pigments or water for use in the walls. They also provide citrus solvents and milk paint thinners. You can also check out online for eco friendly paints. Benjamin Moore is a popular name which offers a whole range of zero VOC premium paints that are also odorless.

Various types of rug cleaners and their uses

Vacuuming the rugs daily is the best way to keep them dust-free accompanied by immediate clean-up if anything spills on it. But you need to carry out deep cleaning at least once in a month. Let us discuss about the types of rug cleaners and their usefulness.

Rug cleaners which are powder based use a magnetic technique to attract the dirt towards the powder when it is sprinkled on the rug and kept for about 15 minutes, followed by a vacuum. They are the quickest and the best during emergency clean-ups. Aerosol sprays are used to remove stains.

Foam rug cleaners used for home need to be mixed with normal water and put on the rug and allowed to dry. Vacuum it when it dries. Steam cleaning is also a very effective method. For this you need to squirt hot water so that the dirt gets loosened up to be vacuumed.

Easy ways to strip pains off walls

Removing paint off the walls is a very time consuming and daunting task. In this article we take you through some simple tips that make the job of removing paint less taxing. The primary thing to be determined is whether you want to remove the old paint off completely or you want it to be painted over. This is important because in case you plan to repaint the dry wall then it is not necessary to remove old paint prior to applying a new coat. However if you realize the old paint is chipping off then removing it is the ideal option.

The next step is to select the method of removing the old paint. You could go for liquid paint strippers for removal of a layer or two of the old paint. Using the liquid paint stripper is simple; you have to apply the stripper on the old painted wall surface. Let the paint stripper settle on the wall surface for some time and then scrap off the paint. The other option of removing paint is sanding. This especially works best against a hardwood floor.

Steps to avoid Foundation repair

It is not easy to avoid getting into a situation where you need your foundation to be repaired. Ultimately you have to contact the constructors who can help you fix the damage. There are a few ways in which one can delay getting into such a situation.

If you are buying a new home for yourself, get a qualified inspector to examine the foundation properly. You would not want to face foundation problems as you step into your new home. Make sure there are no trees planted at least within 20 feet from your home. The danger from trees is that their roots keep growing fast and they might end up forcing themselves into the foundation and cracking it.

Another step to avoid foundation repair is to check on the drainage system of your home. Improper drainage system will result in water seeping down and reaching the foundation. Moisture can harm foundations and loosen the nearby soils.