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How To Make Your House As Fireproof As Possible

Fireproof houseSafety of yourself and your family is very important. Natural disasters and accidents are phenomena which can occur any time and you can do little to prevent them. Fire the most powerful element can destroy the entire property of your house and even your house. There are certain precautions which you have to undertake:-

• Fire extinguishers should be at an approachable place –
the most common place where you find fire extinguisher is in the kitchen but for safety the fire extinguishers should be kept in almost all the rooms of the houses. You should remember that keeping the fire extinguisher near the fire place requires attention. Attics, basement and garages are places where extinguishers should be kept. Since lot of materials which are flammable are found in such places it is advisable to keep the extinguishers there.

• Carpeting should be fire resistant – it is the material which depends a lot on how quickly the fire starts. Wool and fibres of synthetic catches fire easily. Today fire resistant carpets are available. They have colourful designs and patterns to choose from. It adds to the decor of the house. Even small rugs should be treated with a chemical which is fireproof.

• Installation and proper checking of the alarms of smoke – modern homes have smoke alarms which have a critical role to play. If the fire starts out then the alarm gives the warning early. If you are looking at the cost of the smoke alarm be sure that the premium of the insurance will take care of it. But what you have to take care of its maintenance. After some months the smoke alarm should be checked. If the battery requires replacement then be sure that you do it on time.

• Wiring overload is dangerous – Short circuit among the wiring is a common cause so be sure that no wires hang loosely and have an electrician check the wiring so that no spark is given out. Checking the wiring after few months, checking the plugs, animal damage can destroy your wiring.

• The drills of exit – escape route from the house’s room should be planned if at all the rises. The members should get out of the house and then call up the department of fire from the house of the neighbour. The planning of drill should be known to each and every member of the house. For those who live in an apartment it is advisable to escape from the staircase rather than taking the elevator.

• Electricity that you should be aware of – turning of f all the appliances of electric after using them is advisable. Surge protectors should be used. If the cord is small and takes up lot of voltage then it is not safe.

Other than the given steps it is the common sense that matters. Even fireproofing does not mean that you are immune from fire at your place. You have to checklist all the items which uses fire as the medium.

Latest in flooring 2014

flooring 2014Some of the styles have been there for many years but some of the trends have started this year and are rising in popularity. We are into the 2014 construction year and the styles for interior flooring are rising. For a large assortment of reason the customs homes are very stylish from year to year.

Below given are some of the trends which people have been following:

• Natural stone or tile is the most famous merchandise that is utilized in bathroom floor. Still the hardwood floors are mostly fitted in many houses.
• While installing the bigger tiles the brick pattern is the most admired and simplest mode of installation.
• The entrance towards home are mostly tiles or slate because of easy clean up and stability of the product. By default we normally install electric floor heating under tiles while using natural stone in fitted bathrooms.
• In spite of changing directions or patterning it we run the hardwood all the same way throughout the home. All time the engineered hardwood is high in popularity.
• Carrera marble is normally utilized in master ensuites to provide it a comfortable look like high end hotels.

Below given is the list of new trends in flooring for custom houses:

• At the moment the Hand painted clay attractive tiles is all frenzy.
• Cork flooring is being fixed in kitchens which also act as a cushion for those people who spent a long time in kitchen while cooking meals. This it is also very soft.
• Lesser numbers of carpets are going in the custom homes nowadays. More of the engineered hardwoods are being installed in the basement for a fine finishing. Those products which are quite simple to clean are growing more and more in popularity rather than carpets which need more attention while cleaning.
• Pre-finished hardwood flooring has made a strong response.
• In place of carpet, hardwood in the bedrooms have emerged a lot nowadays. With the latest heating systems to help the home to remain warm, the wooden floors are not as cold as they were in the older years.
• Scandinavian fumed white oak now is all the frenzy. This is a kind of white oak that is pulverized in Scandinavia and is transported to North America as engineered flooring with no finishing in it. Before it is installed it has to be finished with oil finish. The entire look is very trendy and unique.

How to arrange a progressive dinner

progressive dinnerProgressive dinners have become a rage and a lot of people are arranging them these days. Progressive dinner is essentially a dinner where different courses of the meal are served at different people’s houses. If you are planning to organize a progressive dinner with the women in your neighborhood then you must understand that it will require a lot of effort and all the participants should sit together to properly decide on the timing and the food that will be served during each course. Here are a few tips that will help you to organize a progressive dinner.

The first thing that is to be determined is the reason for hosting the progressive dinner. A lot of people host progressive dinners for charity and if you are doing the same you ask the guests to pay upfront and they can pay when the visit each house for a different course of the meal. If it is a charity dinner then the guests can choose the houses they will visit based on the menu to be served in each house. However, it is a social event organized by friends then all the guests should visit a house together at the same time.

Secondly, all the participants in whose houses a course of the meal will be served must sit together and decide the food choices. If professional chefs are being hired for the occasion, let the chefs decide on the dishes. Thirdly, timing is very important as far as progressive dinners are concerned and it is crucial to decide on a starting and ending time within which a particular course will be served. You must also decide beforehand how the cooking will be executed. For example, the person who will be serving appetizers can prepare them a day before and the person serving salads and have them ready and just add the dressings when the guests arrive.

Measures taken to prevent fires at home

prevent fires at homeFires can be a reason that can ruin you totally. Enough arrangements should be kept at your house to prevent a devastating fire break out. But the ultimate prevention from fire can be ensured by being a bit careful. Carelessness is the main reason behind fire accidents in most cases. If you put a kettle on your oven to boil some amount of water and forget about it, it can lead to huge fire ruining all your dreams. At a point of time the water will evaporate and the kettle will become red hot and begin to melt causing fire.

Gas cylinders are also very dangerous. If the air comes into contact with the fuel, explosions can take place causing accidents. In this situation all kind of gases should be removed from the room and fresh air should be introduced. Chemicals react with each other and can cause huge amount of fire. Acids and alkalis when mixes up with each other produce a large amount of heat. The containers, in which these chemicals are mixed up, can melt due to this heat and cause fire.

Careless smokers are also responsible for fire accidents as they throw the used matchsticks or the lighted cigarettes indiscriminately here and there. It can happen that these lighted cigarettes fall on a carpet of the house or touches a curtain leading to fires. Sometimes, smokers fall asleep with the cigarettes lit up and the bed or sofa catches the fire from it.

The use of low quality electrical equipments is another reason behind short circuits in the house. Carelessness in this matter can also cause electrical shocks. The televisions, sound systems or radios usually occupy one socket. But when the use of multiple adaptor is opted the pins remain loose to the socket which can lead to sparking and damaging those equipments. A regular check up of the electrical connections and being more careful with handling fire can prevent your dream house turning into ashes.

Packing tips for a picnic

Packing tipsIf you are off to a picnic, before you leave check if you have all the important things. There are certain things you must carry with you during a picnic. Don’t forget to take few general medicines for general flue, cough and cold, indigestion, irregular bowels, etc. You may require them at any point as a result of the outside food and water.

Also carry some light clothes so that there is no big problem of drying if anything gets wet accidentally. Even if your dress is stained you can easily wash it off. Carry a tent also with yourself so that you can easily stay and spend a night anywhere without the fear of any insects and pests.

Take enough drinking water if you are not accustomed with outside drinking water. You can even carry some dry foods as well, since you may get food everywhere. Also take information about the place you are going for a picnic, depending on that you may take any other item you think you require.

How to Plan a Sleepover Party at Your Home

Sleepover Party at homeA sleepover party is probably one of the most exciting parties one can plan at home. Watching rom-coms in your pajamas with your girls, braiding each other’s hair, trying on freaky cosmetics and dress up or playing girly games- what else could you ask for? When you plan a sleepover party at your place, make sure that you sort out the date and time first, check out the room where you plan you hold the party. How many girls can sleep or lie down at night?

Depending upon that, you can plan your night. Invite your girl friends over. Make sure that the room is clean and neat, have a stock of popcorn, chips and munchies for the night. Have a stack of comedy or romantic movie DVDs.

Alternatively, if you want, you can also have a horror movie marathon. If you want, keep some board games in the room. Wanted to try out that new makeup collection? Keep it within reach. Also, make sure there are enough pillows and blankets for all.

Preventing your garage from cluttering

garage care, garageMany people have the tendency of dumping their unused waste products in the garage. They find it very easy to keep the clutter in the garage. Thus the garage becomes very easily cluttered. Now you should try and keep your garage clutter free so that the purpose for which the garage is built is fulfilled properly.

Accumulation of too much clutter in the garage may lead to reduction of space for your car. Thus the purpose may not be served properly. You should try and see if there is anything that is unwanted in your garage. Any such thing should be removed immediately to keep the garage clutter free. Try not to throw away things in to the garage. Instead either throw away the things or store them in some store room.
Following these things will keep your garage clutter free and you will find much space in their for keeping your car there.

AC Maintenance for Your Home

AC repairing tips, AC maintenanceIf you have an air conditioning system in your home then you should take good care of it too. Air conditioning systems have a tendency to accumulate a lot of dirt and grime easily because they keep on circulating the air from the inside and out continuously. There is a basic cover and mesh over the air conditioning system which can be manually handled top clean out the outer areas. Take simple mild cleaning solution and clean it with a soft cotton cloth. Also you can vacuum clean the outer corners under low power.

Call for AC cleanup and maintenance services once every six months. A dirty and unclean AC can give birth to microbes and mold formation which can lead to allergies and respiratory disorders and infections in your family. So keep these tips in mind when you buy an AC. Make sure you place it somewhere where you can access it and clean it on a regular basis.

Wall art for that something extra

Wall art, wall decorDecorating the walls of your home does not only mean painting them in beautiful hues. It means going the extra mile, giving it something extra to make it appear unique. And one of the ways that you can do it is with the help of wall art. Wart art has limitless possibilities and the unique creativity they add to the walls is amazing.

One of the most popular wall art options is fine art. Fine art includes photography, painting and murals. Make sure that your fine art complements your home décor. You can also get some wall arts made with fabrics. In fact, fabric wall art is a wonderful and inexpensive way to decorate you walls. The wall art fabrics you use can incorporate strips, patterns and solid prints. Decals are also pretty popular wall art option that is used. Decals are used to create unique patterns and scenes. Customized paint jobs also look good on the walls.

Taking care of your white linen

Tips to maintain white linen, white linensIf you have linen bed sheets and covers, then you must know how delicate and comfortable they are. They come in many colors and designs and pale pastel shaded linen are the most popular. If you have white linen in your home, then you have to take extra care in order to maintain them and keep them as good as new.

Using special fabric solutions for cleaning is advised. Don’t put them for rough wash along with other fabrics. It is a myth that white linen should only be given for dry cleaning. You should also give them for mild wash and you can be rest assured that nothing will happen to them. Linen has been used for centuries and they are pretty durable, despite their delicate features. You can iron them if you want especially if you have pillow covers and cushion covers. There should be no problem regarding that, given that you finish the work with a few sweeps.