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Five Must Have Bathroom Accessories

bathroom accessoriesEverybody wants their house to look the best and bathroom being an integral part should be the best looking. By choosing the right bathroom accessories for your bathroom you can make it stand out from the rest. There is such a wide range of bathroom accessories available for you to choose from but there are some must haves among them. Here is a list of some simply must have accessories for your bathroom.

You should not restrict the bin:

One of the very humble things, the bin is the most essential accessory for your bathroom. You might think of the bin as something that will only occupy space. But you will be surprised to see the amount of trash that it can hold and that is generated in the bathroom. You should look for a dustbin that is moisture resistant. Look for a dustbin of the size that suits your bathroom and will be able to hold trash for some days. You need to select a dustbin that shall compliment the style of your bathroom. There are a number of styles of dustbins, so you should not find it difficult to find the right one for your bathroom.

Mats for the bathroom:

Bathroom mats mop up the water that runs off you when you take a shower or get out of the bath. They prevent you from slipping by soaking all the water. This makes the bathroom mat an essential bathroom accessory. There are special non slip mats available that fit within the bath or shower space itself to provide you safety and make the surface non-slippery. People who are not so steady can use it to feel safer. They are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes and materials to suit any and every decor.

Bathroom sets:

you can always use pump bottles that your lotion or soap comes in especially if they are of big brands and you want to show off the label. However, it is not a very attractive idea for a good looking bathroom. There are some great looking dispensers available in you which you can economically use your products without having to compromise on style. You can match the soap dish, the toothbrush holder, toilet brushes and tumblers for a coordinated look for your bathroom. These sets are made from strong materials such as plastic, metal or ceramic. They usually last for a long period of time.


You should prefer installing fog free mirrors. You definitely do not want that your mirror is misty every time you get out of the shower. There is no need for you to wait for it to dry or to clean the mist with your hand or towel. These fog free mirrors have heaters behind them that ensures that the temperature is maintained according to the surrounding. This does not let any mist to form on the mirrors.

Hooks and towel rails:

You can choose simple models and rails for your bathroom. You can also have heating systems installed that shall keep your towels warm and cozy for you. They can either be permanently installed or temporarily. They are good for using them to hold not only towels but also you bathrobes and clothes. You do not have to worry about wetting your clothes while changing in the bathroom.

How to remove mold from your bathroom

remove mold from bathroomIf you live in an environment that is warm, there is a possibility that a mold would grow on the walls. These molds are a kind of fungus and they could be extremely harmful for the walls. They should be removed immediately. The bathroom is the area that is affected worst by the molds. In order to remove the molds from the walls, you will have to reduce the humidity of the house. The fan of the bathroom ahs to turned on. The moisture will be pulled from the air in this way and the humidity could be kept under control.

You can keep the window of the bathroom open for a few hours a day so that the circulation of air is improved. Molds are likely to grow less on areas that are well lit. Therefore, you will have to keep the lights on for a few hours each day. The growths of the molds are nourished by scum of soap and body oil. You should clean the bathroom regularly.

Drastically change your bathroom’s look with effective yet simple guidelines

bathroom décor, bathroom careWant to redecorate your bathroom and give it a total makeover? Bathroom is surely one of the most vital places of your home and it requires proper care. Here are a few simple ways to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Change the tub fixtures or get new shower combined with tubs.  Sinks of porcelain can be a good option for refinish. Flooring should be done with water-proof materials and moisture retention capability.

Ceramic tiles can be used to give an elegant look. Organic tiles can also be used. You can install new dim lights which will enhance the experience while taking a shower. Spot lights can be fitted above the face mirror. To save floor space, go for the wall-hung toilet. Replace the old sink with a pedestal one. Paint the walls with a lighter shade if your bathroom is not very spacious. Go for vibrant colors if your bathroom is quite big. Finally, put a nice painting on the wall near the tub or door to add to its beauty.

Simple ways to keep bathtub looking good as new

If you like relaxing in the hot waters of your bathtub, after having a long and tiring day, then the first thing you need to make sure is that your bathtub remains in good condition always. Usually, after you take your bath, dirt or debris or even leaves and dust from your backyard get into the filters. So, you need to keep changing them regularly, which you ensure the cleanliness of the water.

Furthermore, in order to furbish the water marks on the walls of your bathtub, you can purchase cleaners like oxalic acid, which will wipe out the marks once and for all. Moreover, the dirt that usually accumulates in your bathroom, along the sides of your bathtub, usually is responsible for the draining off of the wall colors. Regular cleaning of your bathroom with detergents and phenyl is recommended if you wish to see a clean and tidy bath and tub.

The classic designing techniques for your bathroom

Bathroom designing has undergone a gradual change with the passage of time. With changes in taste of people, contemporary and modern design of bathroom has come into being. But one cannot ignore the importance of the classical designing techniques that has paved the way for experimentation. In fact, it was utilizing classical designing approaches that bathroom became classy.

Classical techniques of designing involve implementation of smooth shapes and soft curves. This classical approach has always captivated the attention of people, and resulted in exquisite appearance of bathrooms. Using minimal furniture is also a way to go about it. Color schemes also play an important role in defining the essence of the bathroom. The right palette can work wonders in transforming the entire look of it. But all these aspects are in direct correlation with the size of the bathroom, as it doesn’t make sense to stuff up a smaller bathroom, or keep lot void spaces in a larger one.

The use of proper lighting for your bathroom

Lighting plays a very important role in a bathroom. Proper lighting does not only serve a functional purpose, it makes your bathroom look warm and inviting as well. Here are a few things you need to know about bathroom lighting.

Task lighting in a bathroom provides illumination to perform all the essential tasks in the bathroom. However, you should avoid recessed or canned fixtures because the cast a shadow on the face. Instead, you must place three to four bulbs above the bathroom mirrors. You can also fix globe lamp strips along the frame of the mirror. You can also install wall scones to both sides of the mirrors to layer the light.

Coming to general lighting, you have to ensure that there is adequate lighting in the bathtub, shower and toilet areas. You can use canned lighting in these areas. Accent lighting will lend your bathroom a particular character. For accent lighting you can place a lamp on your vanity table.

Renovating your bathroom gives a pleasant feeling

Remodeling your bathroom definitely guarantees you a good money return in the long run. In this article we shall take you through some really inexpensive methods to do up your bathroom. The primary step for any renovation process is to decide on the budget. By taking the inexpensive route to remodel your bathroom does not imply that you need to resort to cheap materials. You still can remodel your bathroom with good quality materials and yet stay within your budget.

Determine the number of tiles, sink and faucet your bathroom needs. Also figure out if you would want a full renovation or just a partial one. Have the complete design plan and the budget fixed in your mind prior to initiating any work. Try doing maximum of the renovation on your own as that can cut down on the cost of extra labor. The feeling you get after the remodeling process is just out of the world and something which will favor you long term.

Decorating your bathroom using interesting ideas

A washroom is an essential aspect of any household and a little decoration would make the place more comfortable and inviting. Here are some interesting ideas.

Painting would be an easy way to create a dramatic impact instantly. Spark up the boring room with shiny white accessories. Complement it with the latest sleek and stylish faucets with a chic metallic finish in glossy bronze, stainless steel or antique or brushed nickel. Use lamps in lieu of conventional overhead fixtures to set a serene and soft mood. Opt for blanket racks rather than the regular towel ones. Classy bamboo baskets can be utilized instead of heavy cabinets to hold towels and shampoo, soaps or other different toiletries.

Decorate the windows with elegant blinds and small indoor plants. Arrange for a beautiful vinyl shower curtain and pretty wall hanging for the walls. Use potpourri, scented candles or dried flowers to create a sweet and relaxing aromatic ambience. If you opt for carpet flooring surely fix a dehumidifier.

Design your bathroom in a modern way

Nowadays, bathroom is no more a place where you take a quick shower. People now treat the bathroom as a place where they can relax after a tough day in office. The newly designed bathrooms have multiple shower heads in a shower stall, towel warmers, and soap dispensers and even a place for a television set.

If you want to have a modern bathroom, you have to opt for minimalist design. Your bathroom needs to be spacious and simple yet should not lack the elegance quotient. Never go overboard with colors and try to use fewer colors in the bathroom. Always go in for neutral shades. White and black are very popular colors for modern bathrooms. Make sure that the lines of the bathroom are simple and the surface is smooth without any clutter.

Coming to the fixtures in the modern bathroom, the faucets must be smooth with clean lines and geometrical shapes. Your vanities should be well mounted. You can go in for ceramic, stainless steel or glass.