Block paving DIY project

Block paving, paving ideasBlock paving is a decorative technique, this is a kind of brick paving and a very common form of landscaping. These blocks paving is done over driveways, patios, road pavements and on home entrance pathways. Many different pavement design patterns can be achieved. Through block pavement, the area will get a visually stunning impact, great texture and a new identity.

The entire block paving can be done with the help of a professional or doing it by yourself. Here are some tips for block paving on your own…

• First select a good area for this and plan the design & pattern of the pavement.
• Prepare the base, after excavating it for a minimum of 200mm depth.
• Fill it with type 1 crushed granite stones.
• Now prepare the edges, this framework will secure the black pavement.
• Now comes the important part, grit Screeding. Make the surface as leveled as possible.
• Lastly, with your imagination lay the blocks in place to get the desired pattern look.