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How to improve the quality of life with eco friendly home equipment

eco friendly home equipmentEco friendly home equipment is of many ranges and of different levels of eco friendliness. They can be really eco friendly but not quite useful at home. A comparatively eco friendly device can give eco friendly benefits over the period of its long use.  The eco friendly LCD TV by LG with completely recyclable parts and which consumes a lot less energy than its counterparts on the market is a great buy. Similarly a lot more eco friendly product like the Mushroom charger can actually be of far lesser use.

It can be eco friendly over time and its usage can be of great value when charging mobile phones and other battery operated devices. Eco friendly composting toilets are also a great boon to water conservation and waste management. It saves a lot of energy and water over waste treatment and requires nothing after initial buy. The microbes decompose wastes into compost aerobically over time.

Using fairy lights in your bedroom

fairy lights in bedroomThe lighting scheme in your bedroom is one of the very important things that you consider carefully. This is because the complete appearance and look of your bedroom depends a lot on the lighting scheme used in your bedroom. Of the various lights in the market, you can use fairy lights for decorating the bedroom.

The fairy lights vary in their style, design and pattern. The types of the fairy lights you use in your bedroom should be completely governed by the interior of your bedroom. You can use fairy lights designed with artificial flowers to decorate your bedroom.

Many other types of decorative fairy lights are available like the ones designed in the pattern of stars and bells. The fairy lights are mostly available in the market during the Christmas time. But you can also get them all throughout the year. You can contact any interior designer to decorate your bedroom attractively with fairy lights.

How to plan a backyard party

backyard partyIf you are planning to hold some party at the backyard of your home, there are many options you can choose from. Choosing a proper theme for the party is essential at the first. Depending on that theme of your party, you will proceed in the required way with the decorations and arrangements.

First of all clean the backyard properly to make suitable for holding a party. Among all the themes available for partying in your backyard, you can go for the barbeque party. Barbequing is the favorite partying theme these days and almost all people love it.

First of all fit proper lights. For a party too much bright light is not suitable. Rather go for some dim lights which will give a perfect party ambience to your back yard. You can also go for some laser lights beams or projects to give your party a unique look as well as to create a perfect dancing ambience.

In this respect it is also important to say that you should make arrangements for some music system. Any party without music is not that happening. Be it some soft track or loud music, you should at least have the arrangements to groove the guests.

Packing tips for a picnic

Packing tipsIf you are off to a picnic, before you leave check if you have all the important things. There are certain things you must carry with you during a picnic. Don’t forget to take few general medicines for general flue, cough and cold, indigestion, irregular bowels, etc. You may require them at any point as a result of the outside food and water.

Also carry some light clothes so that there is no big problem of drying if anything gets wet accidentally. Even if your dress is stained you can easily wash it off. Carry a tent also with yourself so that you can easily stay and spend a night anywhere without the fear of any insects and pests.

Take enough drinking water if you are not accustomed with outside drinking water. You can even carry some dry foods as well, since you may get food everywhere. Also take information about the place you are going for a picnic, depending on that you may take any other item you think you require.

How to Plan a Sleepover Party at Your Home

Sleepover Party at homeA sleepover party is probably one of the most exciting parties one can plan at home. Watching rom-coms in your pajamas with your girls, braiding each other’s hair, trying on freaky cosmetics and dress up or playing girly games- what else could you ask for? When you plan a sleepover party at your place, make sure that you sort out the date and time first, check out the room where you plan you hold the party. How many girls can sleep or lie down at night?

Depending upon that, you can plan your night. Invite your girl friends over. Make sure that the room is clean and neat, have a stock of popcorn, chips and munchies for the night. Have a stack of comedy or romantic movie DVDs.

Alternatively, if you want, you can also have a horror movie marathon. If you want, keep some board games in the room. Wanted to try out that new makeup collection? Keep it within reach. Also, make sure there are enough pillows and blankets for all.

Dillards and the different types of designer furniture

Everyone wants to have a really beautiful home and you are obviously no different. So, when you decorate your dream home, you have to take care of all the nitty-gritty. Since furniture form an essential part of home décor, you should get some designer furniture if you can.

A renowned designer furniture brand is Dillards. True to its words, Dillards furniture does manifest the style of your life. You can go in for the “Franklin” 3 piece sectional sofa to do up your living room. It is a Dillard exclusive and is upholstered with six pillows in brick red chenille. There are nail head trims on the arms of the sofa and also across the bottom.

You can also opt for the “Hamlin” sofa or the “Sloane” sofa which adds to the look of your living room. If you are a connoisseur of Italian designer furniture you can opt for B&B Italia furniture or the Radice Fiarn Italia Giorgetti Ingo Maurer Flos Artemide Fontana.

Limited in space? Pick the best from the lot

Are you staying in a match-box sized apartment because your purse strings are a bit tight at the moment? Well, let not staying in a small dig stall your creativity. Using a bit of planning, you can decorate your small apartment with lovely furniture.

For your small living room use simply designed, small furniture. You can use coffee tables with sliding doors or shelves in your living room. This will enable you to store your magazines and books easily. For seating arrangement, use ottomans that come with inside space. If the floor space in your living room is limited, it’s advisable to go vertical. Buy a tall bookcase instead of two smaller bookcases.

Get round dining tables for the dining room. Round tables take up lesser space than rectangular dining tables. If you have no separate dining room in your apartment, use a small table that will double up as your dining and work table. To create space in your bedroom, get loft beds or foldaway beds.

Sound-proofing the room to attain peaceful nights

All the unnecessary loud music can be done away with by using techniques and materials which can turn your room into a sound proof one. However you need to consider the fact that soundproofing a room is easier and effective if done in a new construction. The immediate step to be taken is to get all the plumbing and electrical wiring soundproofed. The drywalls should be hung on one side of the main wall to close the room and at the same time have access to the wall interiors. Installing fiberglass insulation in the walls is also an effective way to reduce the noise pollution.

You could also put up manufactured soundproofing wall coverings like a Pyrotek which can be easily bought from lumberyards, drywall supply house or any home remodeling centers. For an after construction soundproofing you can simply cut off the drywall from one part of the wall for it to be soundproofed. Small holes can be created in the drywalls which can be then filled up with expandable foam insulation or cellulose.

Different types of replacement doors

If you are planning to replace your existing closet doors then there is a whole range of replacement door available in the market for you to choose from. Due to the wide range of choices in the market many people ignore the need to really look around; in such a case it is always advisable to seek help of a professional.

Plantation style doors are the most popular kind of replacement doors available in the market. It is standard swinging kind of a door, however this is not what you are looking for them there is the traditional maple door that is available and fits your requirements as well. If a replacement door is being searched for a kid’s room then sliding doors particularly the mirror ones are a rage among the children and teens.

In fact the advantage with this kind of a door is that if the room happens to be slightly smaller than the mirror reflection makes it look big. For a huge hallway you can go in for a custom door with glass inserts as it gives the room a very sophisticated look.

Renovating your bathroom gives a pleasant feeling

Remodeling your bathroom definitely guarantees you a good money return in the long run. In this article we shall take you through some really inexpensive methods to do up your bathroom. The primary step for any renovation process is to decide on the budget. By taking the inexpensive route to remodel your bathroom does not imply that you need to resort to cheap materials. You still can remodel your bathroom with good quality materials and yet stay within your budget.

Determine the number of tiles, sink and faucet your bathroom needs. Also figure out if you would want a full renovation or just a partial one. Have the complete design plan and the budget fixed in your mind prior to initiating any work. Try doing maximum of the renovation on your own as that can cut down on the cost of extra labor. The feeling you get after the remodeling process is just out of the world and something which will favor you long term.