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Low Maintenance Lawn Alternatives

Lawn careIt’s very easy to maintain lawn in the areas with good rainfall. But what about the areas where there is low rainfall or moderate rainfall? Despite of low rainfall, if one wants to maintain lawn that too with low maintenance then here are some of the choices to maintain your lawn with low maintenance cost.


Sedge grows in bunch altogether. Its leaves are like grass and they are famous for the plenty of growing requirements. Sedges are available in various sizes and textures, and it is also able to grow itself in any kind of soil nearly every USDA hardiness zone. If you like long grown grass, you can leave sedge without mowing. It gives you more meadow like look. If you prefer lawn look specifically then you can mow it at regular intervals in the year. Sedge is able to bear light foot traffic and it is available nearly in every state of US.


Moss lawns are very much suitable and advisable for shady areas, acidic soil and moist. Moss is generally low growing, thus it does not require mowing regularly. Apart from this it also possess a perfect quality for nearby flowering and evergreens.  One of the qualities of moss is that it needs no fertilizer and very little amount of water once it is grown properly. But it also has a drawback that it cannot handle more traffic of foots. But you do have an alternative. If your use of walk is regular establish a flagstone walkway to maintain your lawn without any damage. It is native to most of the states and it adapts to zones 4 to 10 depending upon its variety.


Being a member of the legume family, clover is good option for tough lawn use. It is advisable as it needs no fertilization and can be in good sun with partial shade. Clover is better adapted to zones 5 to 8 and it will take a varied range of soils with huge pH range. It is more traffic friendly than moss but it does not bear heavy running and playing. If you have children’s and animals then take care that playing and running does not ruin your lawn. Though it is more adaptive in Europe, North Africa and west Asia but still it is adapted in grassy area of US. You can sow seeds of clover in spring after the night temperature is higher than 40 degrees. The soil must be kept moist for better growth.

Mondo grass

Mondo grass is the best suitable way to get a no grass lawn. It is adaptable in zones 5 to 9. If you want to stay away from mowing, choose the regular mondo grass which grows only 6 inches tall or you can also go for dwarf mondo grass which grows only 2 inches tall. If you opt for regular mondo grass, then you have to mow it once in a year in winter to keep it healthy. It has adapt with good foot traffic and it is friendly with many of the region of US.