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5 ways to maintain steel windows

maintain steel windowsHave you got steel windows for your home? Well, that’s great since steel is a top favorite when it comes to sturdy durable windows. Steel is resistant to water and fire damage, which is another reason behind its high end popularity. Moreover, steel windows echo a true edgy effect given their sleek polished outlook and would be an excellent fit when you have a contemporary décor. Now, albeit steel windows do not call for an overwhelming maintenance routine yet there are some points to take care of when to ensure a long lasting stylish steel window.

1. Routine cleaning

Your steel window calls for simple routine cleaning. A careful dusting once a week is needed followed by a basic water-wash with warm water & soft cloth. After you wipe the steel surface with water, use a dry cloth or towel to dry up the area. You should not leave water for long on the steel window and the in-water minerals tend to leave spots on steel. The best option here would be microfiber cloths as they are wonderful water-absorbents and even won’t cause any scratch on your steel surface.

2. Fingerprint resistance

If you have got small children or you have guests coming over often to your house, the steel windows are subjected to unsightly fingerprints. Thus, it’s suggested that you get finger-print resistant coat on the steel windows for a smooth glam look all through. In case you haven’t got the resistant finish and there are unsightly fingerprints all over, count on household ammonia. Get some ammonia on a microfiber cloth and wipe up the nasty prints from the steel surface. The wiping should be done in circular motion for an effective fingerprint removal. A repeat action might be needed. After you are done wiping, rinse up the steel surface thoroughly, followed by a good towel dry.

3. Avoid scratch or stain

You must know that steel is vulnerable to scratch and stains which definitely creates a bad unsightly impression. Hence, you have to be careful to keep the steel surface free from any such unwanted advance. In case, you have accidentally got scratches or stains on your stainless steel window, invest on a good steel cleaner solution. The sophisticated ones are designed to remove stains to the T and would also help to minimize scratching. Moreover, these cleaners assure a fine polish on the steel surface. Just remember to take a small test on some inconspicuous spot on your window to ensure the compatibility with the cleaner.

4. Avoid cleaners with chlorine

You should not use cleaners with chlorine component as it is really harmful for your glam steel window surface. The cleaner you take to must not contain bleach.

5. Proper rinsing

This is one of the vital points when it comes to steel window maintenance. No matter whatever you use for cleaning your steel window, you should be careful to follow up with a thorough complete rinse. It’s because residue from gritty water & cleaning solutions will leave stains on your chic window resulting in unsightly stains and hence a good rinse is always essential to maintain the steel finish.