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Bohemian fabric décor for your bedroom

bedroom decor, bedroomThe bohemian fabric is very much exquisite in nature and is also unique and attractive. The quality of the fabric should be good enough to give you the ultimate comfort while on bed. While buying a fabric, you must be very much careful to see so that the fabric is of 100% cotton which is a very good absorbent and is very much comfortable.

The design and colors of the fabric for your bedroom should be chosen very much carefully. You can go for more vibrant colors such as blue, red, etc. The designs and patterns of the fabric are also very important. There are many patterns available in the market for the bohemian bedroom fabric.

You can also use floral prints for your fabric which gives a more feminine look. However if you are looking for a masculine look then you can choose the patterned fabric. They are available in almost all leading stores in your locality. You can also take help of the internet to search for better bohemian bedroom fabrics.

Bring In A Bit of Egypt in Your Décor

Home decor ideas, home decorThere is something very mystical and intriguing about Egypt and its elements. Egyptian home décor is something which people are experimenting with, all over the world. If you want to decorate your living room or bedroom with a bit of Egyptian touch to it, then here are some great ideas. Egyptians loved to play with majestic colors in their décor and art forms. Use a lot of vintage wallpaper in stripes of gold and silver or copper.

You can also go for toile designs with white on gold or vice versa or any other dazzling color for your fabrics. You can use wooden coffee tables with Egyptian motifs or hieroglyphics symbols inscribed on them. Wall hangings in Egyptian styled themes like pharaoh mask or a Ra God eye figure or the symbol of life can be used to decorate the walls. Instead of using general photo frames, you can go for special frames with metallic details to add that extra touch of glamour.

Ideas for a vintage bedroom

vintage bedroom, bedroom designBedrooms are the most relaxing and peaceful arena among the other important rooms. After the whole long day of work when you relax at your cherished bed and even the cozy pleasant memories with your loved ones are associated with your own bedrooms. Among the contemporary ideas of styling your bedroom vintage style stands apart and give you a touch of look especially of 1940s and 1950s.the vintage look gives your bedroom a good appearance which distinguishes it from the other standard bedrooms of your acquaintances ‘ .

You can derive your ideas watching a late 1950 movie or simply surf online. Vintage bedrooms replace just a mere bed with a bed with highly wooden decorative patterns and wooden pillars on the four edges. Vintage look too can be inserted using a wrought iron bed with just altering your modern furniture with some of your ancestral ones. Just add a bit polish to them to see how they create the real magic!

Preventing your garage from cluttering

garage care, garageMany people have the tendency of dumping their unused waste products in the garage. They find it very easy to keep the clutter in the garage. Thus the garage becomes very easily cluttered. Now you should try and keep your garage clutter free so that the purpose for which the garage is built is fulfilled properly.

Accumulation of too much clutter in the garage may lead to reduction of space for your car. Thus the purpose may not be served properly. You should try and see if there is anything that is unwanted in your garage. Any such thing should be removed immediately to keep the garage clutter free. Try not to throw away things in to the garage. Instead either throw away the things or store them in some store room.
Following these things will keep your garage clutter free and you will find much space in their for keeping your car there.

Making your deck eco friendly

eco friendly deck, home decorGardens are the part of nature or rather gives a naturalistic sensation to your villa. Everybody loves to have a deck in there garden and enjoy a sunny day by sitting outside with their family. Now, adding an eco friendly touch to your deck is quite a good idea. The following ways can help to make your deck more eco friendly:

• Coloring the deck green to suit the surrounding
• Made the deck out of wood and use no- VOC paints and seal it completely with green color paint.
• Do not use water repellant fabrics as these cushions are made up of Teflon and contain chemicals like PFOA.
• Choose furniture from the environmental conscious specialists who knows the exact way to make your patio look better and give you a nice feeling

There are more methods to making your deck eco friendly by organic products which will make your garden look beautiful. Just let your imagination wander.