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Block paving DIY project

Block paving, paving ideasBlock paving is a decorative technique, this is a kind of brick paving and a very common form of landscaping. These blocks paving is done over driveways, patios, road pavements and on home entrance pathways. Many different pavement design patterns can be achieved. Through block pavement, the area will get a visually stunning impact, great texture and a new identity.

The entire block paving can be done with the help of a professional or doing it by yourself. Here are some tips for block paving on your own…

• First select a good area for this and plan the design & pattern of the pavement.
• Prepare the base, after excavating it for a minimum of 200mm depth.
• Fill it with type 1 crushed granite stones.
• Now prepare the edges, this framework will secure the black pavement.
• Now comes the important part, grit Screeding. Make the surface as leveled as possible.
• Lastly, with your imagination lay the blocks in place to get the desired pattern look.

Right time for a gutter up gradation

gutter up gradationThere are certain signs that will tell when you need a gutter up gradation. You will have to upgrade your gutter if there are moulds and stains of water on the façade of your house. Check the surroundings of your house after a rainstorm. If there a4e small water ponds in the surroundings, you may be in need of a gutter up gradation.

If the gutters are looking floppy, you will have to upgrade it. If the landscape area of the surroundings of your house get frequently washed out when it rains, you will have to go for a gutter up gradation. If there are certain sections of the gutters lose, you have to get them fixed. If there are channels of water merging in the landscape, you have to go for a gutter upgrading. These are some of the tell tale signs that should be enough to let you know when you need a gutter upgrading.


Different types of home elevator

Home elevators, home improvementThere are many different kinds of elevators to know about. One of the most common types is known as the vacuum elevators. However, the problem with them is that they can be very noisy. They do not require a machine room as they have their own hoist. Another popular type of home elevators is the overheard drum elevator.

They never need any oil for functioning and they are also very eco friendly. They are a very popular choice by the modern homeowners. They are installed generally on the roof and they do not need any counterweight for moving. The counterweight elevators are also quite popular when it comes to the home elevators. They may be called the electric elevator as well. The car is suspended in the shaft with the help of the counterweights. No oil is used in this elevator. However, the problem is that it is not a very safe option with its suspension system.