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Vibrant color choices for your living room

Living Room, home decorColors do reflect a lot about you. In fact, it tells many things about your personality. You should know that any kinds of colors have the power to make your living rooms look livelier and cool. The best would be if you try out the vibrant colors because it gives a positive effect on your mind and body as well. In the context, you can try out the combination of the yellow and red colors. These colors are too inviting. They would make your living rooms just look like a landscape.

In order to give a modern look to your living room you should definitely apply the combination of the chocolate and the bottle green. This combination will again portray a vibrant look to the entire ambience. In addition to this, you could also try out the combinations of the white and blue. This too gives a cool look.

How to clean electrical connectors

 electrical connectors , home improvementElectrical connectors are prone to corrosion if they are exposed to elements of the weather. This corrosion is likely to impede electricity flow and can lead to damage of the device when it is powered. So, it is very important that you clean the male and female electrical connectors as soon as you find them dirty. Here are a few tips for cleaning the female electrical connectors.

You will have to first spray the female socket with contact cleaner. If no contact cleaner is available, you must use vinegar. You will then have to put in a small diameter steel brush inside the socket and rotate it in the clockwise direction. This will remove all the debris that had accumulated in the orifice. Each of the pin sockets should be cleaned similarly, using the small diameter steel brush. Keep in mind that the process of cleaning male connectors is different from cleaning female connectors.

AC Maintenance for Your Home

AC repairing tips, AC maintenanceIf you have an air conditioning system in your home then you should take good care of it too. Air conditioning systems have a tendency to accumulate a lot of dirt and grime easily because they keep on circulating the air from the inside and out continuously. There is a basic cover and mesh over the air conditioning system which can be manually handled top clean out the outer areas. Take simple mild cleaning solution and clean it with a soft cotton cloth. Also you can vacuum clean the outer corners under low power.

Call for AC cleanup and maintenance services once every six months. A dirty and unclean AC can give birth to microbes and mold formation which can lead to allergies and respiratory disorders and infections in your family. So keep these tips in mind when you buy an AC. Make sure you place it somewhere where you can access it and clean it on a regular basis.

Kids room furniture: keeping in within budget

Kids room furnitureDesigning a kids room can be tedious and confusing cause most kids may no idea what they want in their room except their games and therefore it is up to parents to furnish their room in a way that the kids would fine useful.

Keeping within a budget is a must do when you are designing your kids room cause your kids will outgrow most of them and soon you will have to replace them to suit their needs and their height! The best option is to go for a couch cum bed that the kid can sleep in and which can be used to entertain his friends when they come to visit.

Going for cupboards that pack in storage space for their games is a good idea as it will save space and money as well. Choosing a study table of the kid’s height is important but remember that it soon has to be changed and therefore buy one that is reasonably priced.