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Add a touch of spring to your home décor

Home decor ideas, home decorSpring is probably one of the best seasons of the year and there is something about this season that speaks of color and life! If you want this spring to not only color your life but your house as well then the best way to do it is by adding a touch of spring to your home décor. Here are a few tips that can help you out:

• Add color, in which ever way you want. The best ways in which you can implement color is by going for floral shades for your curtains, bedcovers, couch covers and may be even table covers. There are millions of floral shades to choose from and one can choose according to one’s taste.
• Buy flowers and install them at various positions in the house in colorful vases or any other type that goes with your décor well. Spring is the best time for flowers and let them bloom and add freshness to your décor.

How to decorate an extra space

Home decor ideas, home decorGot an extra space in your house that you want to decorate? Well then there are tons of ideas to choose from! You can either decorate the space so that it is usable or decorate it so that the space adds a glam or romantic quotient to your décor. If utility is what you are looking for then you can throw in a beautiful rug and some cushions to create a cozy spot for your family and guests.

Large decorative mirrors can be used to glam up the extra space and keep the floor area clean. Another idea is to have racks and racks of attractive objects on display like coffee mugs or any other quirky showpiece. You can also put up a bookshelf to show off your collection of books or decorate the walls with photo frames of your family and friends. No matter what you do, make sure it looks exciting.

Furniture for your home entrance

home entrance furniture, home decor furnitureThe entrance to your home serves as the first impression maker. If you have a beautiful entrance, your guests will automatically have a positive view about your home décor even before they have set their eyes on it. In order to make your entrance look as inviting and beautiful as possible, keep it as clean and simple as possible. At the same time, makes sure that your entrance should have that one element that gives it that ‘wow’ look. The selection of furniture for your entrance should be cleverly chosen and keeping in mind your requirements as well.

Entrance furniture can be a clever, space saving shoe rack where shoes of the entire family and that of guests can be kept. This will make sure that your home is saved from all the dirt of dirt shoes. An umbrella rack, unique in shape or concept is also a good idea and so is a rack for hanging keys.

Taking care of your white linen

Tips to maintain white linen, white linensIf you have linen bed sheets and covers, then you must know how delicate and comfortable they are. They come in many colors and designs and pale pastel shaded linen are the most popular. If you have white linen in your home, then you have to take extra care in order to maintain them and keep them as good as new.

Using special fabric solutions for cleaning is advised. Don’t put them for rough wash along with other fabrics. It is a myth that white linen should only be given for dry cleaning. You should also give them for mild wash and you can be rest assured that nothing will happen to them. Linen has been used for centuries and they are pretty durable, despite their delicate features. You can iron them if you want especially if you have pillow covers and cushion covers. There should be no problem regarding that, given that you finish the work with a few sweeps.

Doing up a small kitchen

Kitchen decoration, kitchen decor ideasIf your kitchen space is small, the first thing which you must do is install built in wall cabinets, make sure that there are plenty of drawers and shelves in them so that you can categorize and organize all your items, jars and cutlery at ease. You should also make some larger cabinet areas where you can store electronic gadgets which you don’t need every day like a blender or an ice cream maker.

Apart from the basic cleanliness, one thing which you should always keep in mind is that your kitchen should give out vibes which are joyous and happy. Cooking should be done in a good mood. So make sure that the décor is something which can brighten your day. So have intense hues on the walls like sunshine yellow or even red. Buy colorful cutlery too. You can put up fairy lights and a small potted cactus on the window sill if you want to create a harmonious look.