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Adding a personal touch to your college dorm

wall artThere is no doubt that college life is likely to be one of the most memorable and vital parts of your life that is also likely to build the base for your professional life. But a college life cannot become complete with just work and studies, having a little fun amidst the busy schedules of classes is very necessary to maintain the charm that you would wish to have in these splendidly memorable years of your life.
A college life cannot become complete without the college dorm.

The college dorm is likely to be the place where you are going to spend some of the most memorable and joyous times of your years in college. To maintain the proper charm of your college and making it pleasingly memorable it is very essential that you personalise your space in the college dorm according to your preferences. This personalisation can be done by adding the posters or contemporary wall art and show pieces of your choice and by using the bed sheets of your preferred colors.

Where to Place a Floor Fountain

Floor Fountain, home decorPeople have always been interested in the idea of finding new items for décor for their homes. Floor fountains have been around for a long time and they just don’t seem to go out of fashion. There are many people in aristocratic families who used to have water floor fountains in the gardens and hallways. But now, these fountains have been revolutionized and are being used at contemporary homes as well.

The best place to fit your floor fountain would be the garden. If you have a garden or even a grassy backyard, place it in the middle or a corner. Decorate the surroundings with creepers and fairy lights to make the place look heavenly. You can also place it at the side walk of your driveway. If you have a big hall in your home, having it placed in the center of the hall is also a great idea.

Fancy yet functional kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting ideas , kitchen decorKitchen lighting has been a fascination for many and with the modern lights that have come up especially for the kitchen, they have become more fascinated. When you are buying lights for your kitchen keep in mind that they must look fancy and function properly as well. The basic theme of your kitchen lights should be bright and glare free. While choosing the lights you must first decide where you will set them up.

Ceiling has traditionally been the best place to have any kind of light but nowadays many homes have their lights fixed on the walls. This modern method can be used to make your kitchen look beautiful with the lights that you buy. There are functional lamps, various colors of bulbs and tubes and many other forms of lights that are available in the market to decorate your kitchen. So choose from them and make the kitchen more luminously beautiful.