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Transform your bedroom into a flower inspired décor

Bedroom decor ideas, bedroom designA lot of people cherish a colorful feel and look for their house. Among many styles that cater to this décor, one is floral bedding. This is easily achieved with floral decorations, vibrant colors and patterns to create a touch of nature merging simplicity and beauty. Flower inspired décor is truly a timeless style carried throughout history and even popular at present.

In order to accomplish the look you want in your bedroom, first you have to decide the colors, pattern and style. You can decorate your bedroom themed on a particular flower or use a mix of different bright colored flower theme to create a vibrant look. Many floral décor are available in the market. You can buy a nice flower vase and put in beautiful artificial flowers. Look for floral designed bed sheets, bed-lines, curtains, duvet covers, etc. To add more meaning you can buy beautiful flower pictures to hang on your bedroom walls. You will definitely cherish the beauty of your bedroom.

Regency style décor

Home decor ideas, home decorYou can decorate your house in the way you want to but you should have specific knowledge and information about the interior decoration. If you can apply your knowledge and then decorate your house accordingly you can give a real classy look to your rooms and prevent it from looking trashy. Here you will get to know about the Regency Style of interior décor which was in practise during the early nineteenth century.

These styles were used to celebrate the victorious conquests of Napoleon. The Regency style was inspired from the Greek ornaments and also from Chinoiserie. The ceilings were made lower and there was a central medallion for hanging the chandelier. The doors and other wooden works saw faux marbles and wood grained finishes. The fabrics used in Regency style were light and designed with floral patterns. The lounge was popular and you can find gorgeous settees and sofas. You can notice that the grouping of chairs was very prevalent in those days to facilitate conversation. You can see how elegant this style is for your house and with this you can add a classy look to your house.

Iron Chandeliers For Your Vintage Bedroom

If you are guessing whether to use iron chandeliers in your bedroom then I must tell you that it is a very good idea. Chandeliers are already very popular as we see in the movies and then try to decorate our rooms accordingly. One of the early kinds of chandelier is the wrought black iron chandelier. In ancient times when the supply of electricity was not there, people often used this kind of chandeliers which held a lot of candles and illuminated the whole room. It is always advisable to do some research work on this on the net and know about the details beforehand as then the shopkeeper can’t cheat you.

Another thing which you need to remember is that the iron chandeliers with several tiers are very heavy so you must first whether your ceiling can bear so much weight or not. The iron chandeliers are beautifully crafted and it definitely adds a glam touch to your bed room. There is ample variety and the rest depends on you as to what you actually want to buy.

Tips to choose wine wall racks

Wine wall racks, wall decorIf you have a taste for wine, you will need a rack for a wine and it will be perfect for the collection be it small or large. It might be interesting to know that the racks of wine are just not functional but they are largely used as a décor for the house. While choosing the wine racks for your house you will have to consider the magnitude of the collection of wine in your house.

If there were, only a few bottles that you have stored or like to keep at a given point of time, a wine rack in the shape of a tabletop would be ideal for you. If the collection of wine at your home is a large one there are many big wine racks to accommodate your collection. The, you will want to consider the material that you would want for the wine racks. The best option that you could go for the wine racks are the ones that are made out of wood.