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How to remove mold from your bathroom

remove mold from bathroomIf you live in an environment that is warm, there is a possibility that a mold would grow on the walls. These molds are a kind of fungus and they could be extremely harmful for the walls. They should be removed immediately. The bathroom is the area that is affected worst by the molds. In order to remove the molds from the walls, you will have to reduce the humidity of the house. The fan of the bathroom ahs to turned on. The moisture will be pulled from the air in this way and the humidity could be kept under control.

You can keep the window of the bathroom open for a few hours a day so that the circulation of air is improved. Molds are likely to grow less on areas that are well lit. Therefore, you will have to keep the lights on for a few hours each day. The growths of the molds are nourished by scum of soap and body oil. You should clean the bathroom regularly.

How to deal with renovation contractors

renovation contractors,Home ImprovementRenovation contractors are often thought to be hassle-free measure of getting the job done. But tread carefully on the path considering the many issues involved with hiring a contractor.

  1. Prompt advance payment gets you on the top of the priority customers but make sure to not pay the whole amount even before the job has started.
  2. Get printed contracts signed by both the parties to avoid any misleading during the process and check with the license and insurance of your contractor before finalizing the deal.
  3. Keep a regular check on the process and point out small mistakes to avoid giving your contractor an idea that he is doing great and hence think about raising the prices.
  4. Plan out the renovation in detail and tell the contractor to strictly be on budget.
  5. Some security risk is involved with workers entering your house all day long. Keep your rooms and valuables locked even with the assurance of the contractor.


Learn to build a brick wall

build a brick wall,constructionBuilding a brick wall is an easy job and you too can accomplish it, all you need is hard work and concentration. Here are the few simple steps to build a wall.

Unless you have to build a complete house, usually a wall is built against an already existing wall. Make sure a few days beforehand that the place where you want to build a brick wall has concrete or not, if not then pour some concrete for a few days beforehand. Keep all you need ready. Among mortar to bricks, when it comes to bricks there are several kind of bricks available in the market from short, long, skinny, wide etc. select the perfect brick according to your need. First make a mark of brick on the ground, don’t apply any mortar. Mark with a chalk and leave a half inch space between two horizontally placed bricks. Now first place the two bricks then apply mortar between the bricks and half inch above them. Continue the process both vertically and horizontally. The most important thing to keep in mind is the sequence and measurement. Go for it you can surely accomplish the job.

Safety considerations for a kid’s room

kids room safety, kids roomChildren often get careless while playing and you cannot really blame them. They are yet to learn the hazards from apparently innocent looking things, strewn in and around your home. Keep your kid safe from accidents.

When your child owns a separate room, do not overlook the minutest of safety measures. Do not get a bed too high for your child from which they might fall down. Keep sharp objects such as knives, scissors away from their reach.

Put a smoke alarm in their room and ensure there are no open electrical points. Small children can choke themselves with plastic bags, small stuffed toys and anything that might arouse their curiosity. Kids have a tendency to chew on anything and everything they find so do not let pens, pencils or any sort of medicines within their reach. For extra caution you can install a video monitor to keep an eye on your little one.