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Tips to keep your driveway safe during the winter

Winter is a nice time to walk if you know how to keep your driveway free from ice. Removing ice is trickier but you can follow some steps which will help me. You can add floor wax to your shovel and make it more user-friendly. The slickness of the wax will help the shovel glide over the snow. The snow will also not stick to the shovel.

A very easy and cheap way to keep your driveway free from ice is by spreading rock salt on the driveway. Rock salt helps the ice to melt away. You can also use calcium chloride pellets to melt the ice at a lower temperature than rock salt.

Try using de-icing products like potassium chloride and magnesium chloride to remove ice at low temperatures. You can try using a hand-held propane torch to melt ice. One expensive yet effective way of keeping your driveway ice free is by having an electric heating system installed in the driveway.

Learn how to add a Victorian touch to your bedroom décor

Adding a Victorian touch to your bedroom décor would completely change the style and the mood of your home. It not only will add comfort, but will also make the interiors stand apart from that of the rest of your neighbors’.

The most important component that you will need to start off will be a Victorian bed. With its elaborate designs and marvelous bed spreads, it will add a royal touch to your bedroom. You will need to match the wall colors with the same concept. Stick to warm natural shades instead of bright ones. You will also need heavy curtains which again should be of a lighter but gorgeous tone.

The furniture that you decide to have should have a wood finish. Place special care while choosing the designs. Heavy filigree work will definitely enhance the look.

As a finishing touch, you will need to have a beautiful lampshade. This again should complement the color code of the room.

DIY tips to baby proof your home

Most of the expecting parents worry about safeguarding the safety of their future kids. Well, you can easily baby proof your home, and convert it into a safe haven for the newborn. For starters, avoid the use of soft bedding. These are known to cause suffocation. Also, plug all the outlets that exist in your home. Removal of hanging cords from window treatments and blinds is another step that will ensure safety of your child.

Next, make sure all the sharp corners or edges of hearth and tables have been softened. You may also choose to install fire extinguishers, in case you anticipate any danger related to fire. Installation of lockable toilet lids is also a good idea, since that will prevent your kids from getting hurt, and even drowning. One thing you should never forget is keeping medications and poisons away from the reach of your child. You also need to clean your house on a regular basis.

How to design a game room for your home

Not every apartment or home is equipped with a game room, but it does mean a lot, if you happen to have toddlers or kids. In fact, game room provides babies with the chance of interacting with physical objects, thereby making them aware of the surrounding. Designing a game room, therefore, requires additional care and assistance. Firstly, you need to get hold of the right designs and decors to add zing and creativity into the room.

You may also decide to put up a picture of cartoon characters or comics in order to keep your kids entertained and occupied. Secondly, lots of child accessories and furniture is required to set up the feel. This is important because you would not want to leave lot of open spaces. You can even incorporate neon signs to add to the cool quotient. Lastly, you need to procure game room items, like toys and balls, with which, your kids can play.

Wooden furniture vs. metal furniture

When it comes to selecting furniture material, that is wood or metal, people prefer to go with what they fancy instead of thinking about the pros and cons and what would suit the space and style of their house. The basic necessities that furniture should provide is that it should be durable, comfortable and attractive. Both metal and wooden furniture hold true to these requirements.

Both these materials have their own sets of pros and cons. It is up to you to decide that in which regards you are ready to adjust. Metal furniture is usually very heavy and is not easy to move from one place to another. Wooden furniture is usually light-weight but can get damaged due to dampness or bugs and termites. Metal furniture is preferred by those who want a modern look while the ones who want to give a classy look to their home go for wooden furniture.