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Indoor fountains, for added life to your décor

Are you a nature lover and would love to have a piece of nature inside your very home? Well, in that case a really great thing that you can do is get an indoor fountain. It brings a little bit of outdoor into the indoor of your home and adds life to your home décor. Moreover, the indoor fountains add to the calmness, peace and tranquility of your home. So, for unique home décor having an indoor water fountain is a must.

Indoor water fountains come in a variety of designs and styles and finding one that complements the overall décor of your home will be fairly easy. There are basically three kinds of indoor fountains. The most popular type is the indoor wall fountain. The whispering creek wall fountain and the cascade spring wall fountain are really wonderful. The two other types of indoor fountains are indoor floor fountains and indoor tabletop fountains.

Simple ways to keep bathtub looking good as new

If you like relaxing in the hot waters of your bathtub, after having a long and tiring day, then the first thing you need to make sure is that your bathtub remains in good condition always. Usually, after you take your bath, dirt or debris or even leaves and dust from your backyard get into the filters. So, you need to keep changing them regularly, which you ensure the cleanliness of the water.

Furthermore, in order to furbish the water marks on the walls of your bathtub, you can purchase cleaners like oxalic acid, which will wipe out the marks once and for all. Moreover, the dirt that usually accumulates in your bathroom, along the sides of your bathtub, usually is responsible for the draining off of the wall colors. Regular cleaning of your bathroom with detergents and phenyl is recommended if you wish to see a clean and tidy bath and tub.

Tips to take care of your cushion covers

It is good to cover your cushions with a cover in order to protect them. Cushion covers get stained with constant use. To clean cushion covers read the instructions given on the tag. Clean the covers with good quality detergent. If the covers have become too dirty, soak them in a mixture of water and detergent for an hour.

Do not wash cushion covers with anything else. Also don’t use hard detergents to wash the covers. If your cushion covers have embroidery on them then do not wash them in a washing machine. The threads may start coming off the cover and spoil the embroidery. Dry the covers in shade and not under the direct rays of the sun.

It is best to wash your covers every 15 days. This helps to maintain the beauty of the cushion covers. Keep two to three sets of covers and keep alternating them.

Tips to pick up the right kind of furniture for your modern living room

It is a great idea to do up your living room with a contemporary décor. It will go a long way and will merge with almost all sorts of decorative stuff that you keep gathering throughout the year.

When you are choosing furniture for your modern living room, the sofa set or the sitting arrangement needs major attention. You could opt for a leather sofa. Also, recliners and bean bags can be added to create more sitting space. Alternatively, you can also choose bamboo chairs. They have the modern yet natural look. Make sure to put loads of brightly colored cushions to make these chairs comfortable and also add color to the room.

A centre table is a must. You can choose the wooden ones with a glass top to match your sofa set. Or else, go for the ones that have a round or rectangular top set up on a tree root. In addition to these, you can also set up a small corner table to keep photo frames, phone or a lamp shade. Choose a TV cabinet that can hold your DVD player, music system etc.

Must have gardening tool for a amateur gardener

Gardening is a common hobby among many people. Your garden should look beautiful with your effort in right direction. To make your garden classy there are some of the tools that would be very helpful. These tools make your work more efficient and save your time a lot.

There are many tools present in the market that will help you to maintain your garden. These tools can be Spear, Jackson, Potting Bench, Bosch, etc. But the tool which is very necessary for an amateur gardener to use is the Potting Bench.

With the help of this tool, a gardener will be able to make his work easier. You can easily pot a new plant or detach a plant from the ground, when you use this tool. You can certainly get this tool in the market. This tool comes in various sizes so you can buy the one which you need the most.

Tips to build a chicken coop for your back yard

Are you planning to build a chicken coop in your backyard? If you are, here are some tips. Your first step will be to take four metal posts and fix them to the ground in rectangular shape. Decide on the size you want. Around the four posts you will then have to wrap chicken wire. The mound has to be at least 2 inches inside and outside the chicken wire.

Now, place wooden posts on the ground and nail the 2×4 across them. For the slope, the wooden posts have to be slightly below the metal posts. Do the same thing on the opposite side as well. Your next step will be to nail tin roofing across the 2 2x4s. If you have more than 4 inches above the exit area you can make a door. Your last step will be to place a few pieces of plywood against metal posts loosely.

Tips to liven up your backyard décor

Generally, people have a tendency of ignoring the décor and style of their backyard. But it forms an essential part of your home, since that’s the place where you can have fun, or relax after a mundane, hectic day. There are various simple yet elegant ways of livening up your backyard, which can add to the overall appeal of your home. One way is by adding a fountain. The size, small or big, does not matter, though.

You can also include a thematic décor, like water garden. It does add beauty to your back yard by presenting a soothing sight for soaring eyes. Even these things don’t require much upkeep. In case you want your tryst with nature, you can include a bird feeder. By this way, you can attract a variety of birds in your back yard. Hanging out with the feathery friends will be a treat for the little ones in your family as well.

Learn to create space with style in your home

Are you clueless about finding some free space in your pad? Well, following these tips might help you immensely. First of all, try to select those furniture like drawer beds, coffee table with closet and sofa beds that have enormous storage capacity. Perch the large furniture pieces against wall and thus keep the middle space of the room free and airy.

Choosing the main furniture of your room matching the color of your wall would be a good decision, in this way you can make your room look larger and to get the best result of it, put the furniture into the corners of the room so that the pathways are not blocked.

Try to go for open armed chairs, sofas and glass top centre tables. Setting the book shelves, cabinets diagonally can make your room look bigger. Always clean up your rooms and keep on discarding the useless articles and don’t mess up your walls with loads of frames and pictures and using mirrors sensibly can make your room look uncluttered.

Learn how to give your kid’s room a jungle décor

You can decorate your kid’s room based on the jungle theme. Ask your child and take his opinion about what he is interested in. you can paint the walls in such a way that it represents a jungle. Use different shades of green. You can use stencils of leaves to give it a more realistic look.

You can buy a comforter set with a jungle theme. You can get a quilt made by someone based on the jungle theme. You can make a green quilt. Attach a mosquito net on the bed to give it a jungle feel. If your kid is old enough, you can purchase some plants and keep them in the room. Try buying Philodendrons which are hardy and inexpensive.

Accentuate the jungle theme by placing stuffed animals like tigers, monkeys, cheetahs and hippos. Place them all around the room. Use appropriate lighting for the room, like Christmas lights etc.

Simple tips to do up your living room for a party

Your living room is the place where your guests usually gather up and this is where you would plan for the weekend parties. Here are some tips on how to set up your living room for your upcoming parties. Firstly, deck up your walls with rich tapestries that make a fantastic wall art. Good paintings and family photos are also good options.

Then, make sure you have clean spaces inside the room to keep it airy and inviting. Thus, your living must have proper ventilation channels and do not stuff the area with too many furniture. A sofa set with some bean bags would do.

Then, soft lighting is a beautiful way to create a cozy ambience while your guests feel like dancing a bit with their significant other. Otherwise halogens and overhead lights are there to create a brighter effect. Get an area rug to present the guests with a warm feel as they step into your living. Lastly, some fresh flowers on a beautiful vase would complete the overall party look.