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The basic to be kept in mind while designing your home

Now that you are ready to take the task of designing your home, you better keep in mind that there are a lot of factors to take care of.

First decide whether your house would have a western or an oriental look. Based on it the entire décor of the house would be done. If you don’t synchronize your colours and furniture then the house would look clumsy.

Do your walls need a coat of paint? Make some good furniture to match them. Think about the kitchen and bathroom tiles. Put up curtains with light fabrics. Clean the basement.

What about a plasterboard ceiling? Use natural light and good lampshades. Have an organized storage room. Your home should look spacious. The kid’s room can be designed based on a theme or character. Use multifunctional cabinets and drawers.

Don’t forget the name plate and the exterior because they set the atmosphere of your home.

Use of Feng Shui to decorate your home

Feng Shui is an ancient art which originated in China. And now it has become popular all over the world. Feng Shui uses five elements and the yin and yang principles to welcome positive energy into your homes.

To organize your kitchen in keeping with the principles of Feng Shui, the countertops must be kept uncluttered. Visual clutter causes stimulation which in turn makes you overeat. You can keep a bowl of colorful fruits on the countertop instead. According to Feng Shui the stove stores prosperity and energy. So, you must always keep the stove clean.

As for the living room, your sofas or seats must not have their backs to the windows and doors. Your furniture must be arranged in an oblong or circular pattern. In the bedroom, the position of your bed is of critical importance in Feng Shui. The bed needs to be placed as far as possible from the door but make sure you have a clear view of the door while lying on the bed.

The use of a Bean Bag Chair for your home décor

Bean Bag Chair is a beautiful thing that can make your home décor more attractive. Not only stylish, they are very comfortable and almost everyone loves to sit on them.
The bean bag chairs are wonderful and you can enjoy a lazy afternoon or a laidback evening relaxing on them. Polyethylene sheds, PVC pellets and dry beans are the main reason behind their softness and flexibility. The shapeless appearance of a bean bag chair makes it more attractive and popular. It will give you amazing comfort as soon as you sit on it. Anybody can sit easily on it irrespective of their body shape.

The most wonderful feature of a bean bag chair is the ample amount of space it provides. You can rest your back and arms with ease and enjoy. You will get space to support your head and neck too. So, a bean bag chair will give comfort and beauty at the same time.

About some useful home décor accessories

Wondering about some of the finest and unique home décor accessories will keep you hooked to a variety of items. Anything that brightens the mood of your house is worthy of a buy. Items like elegant glass candle holders in the shape of hurricanes to even tea-lights can look good on your table.

Centerpieces that impresses your guests the most can be a pagoda birdcage set, tiny table-tops or even round frosted glass centerpiece bowls with an oversized white apple in it. Vintage urns and medallion boxes for show brings out an aesthetic value.

Improving the elegance we have different textured wall clocks that go great with your wall paint. A tiny fireplace at a corner under a book shelf stuck to the wall sounds even better. Pieces that are great for accenting table or mantle tops can include a silver stoned Buddha Mask or wall shells. Sculptured iron wing with a gold leaf design or the same as that of an elegant peacock or a crown stood up against a corner in the room brightens the mood completely.

Which is the right material used for roofing

It takes a lot out of you when it comes to making up the mind for using the right material for roofing because the roof is almost everything you need to protect you from all sorts of mishaps and climatic hazards. Therefore, a lot of ideas may crop up while you’re deciding upon to the type of material you want to use for roofing.

The oldest and one of the best materials even today is the use of clay tiles. These were originally handmade but nowadays they are replaced by machines. These tiles are completely water and heat resistant.

The next kind of roofing is metal roofing. It’s definitely more durable than clay roofing and strong enough to endure natural calamities like thunderstorms, drought and snowfall.
Cement is the most used roof material nowadays as it tops the list in terms of durability and it can still lie strong enough even if it is untouched and unmaintained for decades.

How to design effectively a small kitchen area

Any homemaker wants her kitchen to be lavish and extraordinary. If you see leading cooking shows and kitchens in movies and serials, you will see that they are huge with a wonderful design. But reality is different and harsh. For instance, your kitchen might be small. So doing all those lavish designs is out of the question. But you have to know that you can still design your kitchen effectively in spite of being limited by space using some handy tips.

Designing a small kitchen is a titanic job but that does not mean you could not get an effective output. Even if you possess only a small budget, you can still turn your kitchen around into an entirely new place with aesthetic lighting and space saving latest appliances. If you replace the old appliances with new, small and trendy ones, you will get loads of free space and a great look as well.

Furniture which can add radiance to your bathroom

After a long hard day’s work, the one place where we can sit back in a cool shower or warm bath is our bathroom. Needless to say we all need to have a great place to unwind. So a dingy, dark bathroom would definitely not be appealing for anyone to come and relax in. so put some thought to give your bathroom a makeover today. You can go online and check out some cool designs for bathroom furniture.

The furniture you choose for your bathroom is very important. Cabinets, side tables, shelves, everything needs to be well thought out since the furniture of the bathroom needs to be different. They need to be water resistant and should be well laminated. Make sure that they are durable.
Glass furniture like cabinets and shelves are always a good choice. Go with the flow and feeling of the bathroom and its surroundings, depending on your budget and taste and make the choice that you feel is the best.

How to use handicrafts to décor your child’s room

Planning to decorate your little one’s room? Well then bright handicraft accessories would be a nice option. You can get fantastic hand woven accessories from any nearby oriental stores.

Fabric hangings like puppet chains would make a good wall hanging. They are found in a wide range of styles, highly colorful, eye candy and durable too than the framed pictures or posters. Small terracotta pots are a fine choice if you are planning for indoor potted plants. Then, go for the numerous wood carved toys like wooden animals, dolls or trains for the shelves or desks. Wooden pencil holders are also available. Besides, you have the beautiful flower vases, a fantastic specimen of pottery.

Moreover, there are hand woven oriental rugs to bring a cozy feel for the little feet. Then, you will also find rich hand woven bed sheets, pillow covers, cushion covers and other bedding accessories. Hand embroidered lamp shades are perfect if it’s a Gothic décor.

Wallpaper techniques to beautify your bedroom

Gone are those days when people used to just paint their bedrooms in bright colors. Nowadays people tend to go for newer techniques to beautify the walls of their bedrooms. Wall paints tend to come out after a few years, so a superior method for wall decoration would be wallpapers.

You should start with choosing the right designs for the wallpaper. You can either use a single design or different designs and patterns for different walls. The brightest shade of wallpaper should be used for the wall which is just behind the bed. Some themes which you can employ in case of wallpapers are floral, nature and geometrical patterns.

The main idea about the designs and patterns you use for the bedroom wallpapers should be that it should give out a warm and pleasant vibe when you enter. The feel of the bedroom should be calming and peaceful.

Ideas to make the living room more vibrant with colors

Tired of the décor in your living room? Well, why not brighten it up a little. Add colours to your living room to make it look vibrant and bright.

There are different ways to make your living room colourful. You can either add bright furniture or items to it to accentuate the colours, or you can paint the walls in a bight colour to make it more appealing. You can choose any bright and forthcoming colour to paint your walls. Vibrant colours make the room look bigger and inviting. You can also contrast it with some bright items here and there. It will make your living room glow.

You should also remove all the clutter from the living room. Let there be lots of space, so that it looks inviting and comfortable. A bright and spacious living room is just the thing that your house would benefit from.