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The necessity of hiring a house painter

When you plan to repaint your house then getting a good house painter is absolutely essential as they produce much better results than when you do it yourself. Each job these days has their own expertise and professionals to execute the job in the desired manner. The painters have really improved in terms of their work delivery and would go to any lengths to fulfill the customer needs. They repair all the imperfection present in your wall and ensure that you get the perfect painting job you have been dreaming of.

If your house is brand new and has never been painted in the past then the job for the house painter becomes easier. It is very important for you to ensure that the painter visits your house a couple of times before the actual painting job to get an idea of the execution. Also a visit to the house is essential because the painter can suggest how much repairing the walls would require. Prior to start the actual paint job it is very crucial to repair the various damages and imperfection on the wall.

Decorating your home in a pet-friendly manner

Do you have pets in your home? Then special care should be taken while deciding on the interior decoration.

Bathroom accidents and mud tracks are a common feature when you have pets. Thus, always go for flooring that requires little maintenance. Opt for ceramic tiles, laminate or hardwood flooring. They can be cleaned easily and can endure huge traffic too. Hardwood floors require a finish to be scratch-proof. Carpet floors are a strict no since it is prone to stains and very tough to maintain. However, you can cover the stairs and flooring with area rugs to provide warmth to your four legged friend and they are easily washable too.

Same goes with the fabric. Always choose a low maintenance one and micro fibers are a good choice. Try to get those which match with the color of your dog’s fur so that you would not have to clean them everyday. Keep your accessories and lighting fixtures beyond the reach of your pet.

The top 5 home décor trends of the last decade

Interior decoration, like every fashion trend is a dynamic process which changes with time. The last decade went back to the vintage theme. Big was in. Firstly, people preferred solid hues and highlighted the rooms with furniture and artworks. Dark shades such as Chocolate brown were a common pick. Grays were blended with violet, green or oranges. Accent walls were highly opted and people still yearn for red.

Secondly, big mirrors, big pictures and big paintings became very popular. The wooden accessories were painted in off-white or plain white. Flat square mirrors in washrooms were the trend of the 1990s. After ten years, round or oval mirrors took their place.

Thirdly, going green was the order of the day. The last decade paved the way for utilizing recycled products as home décor pieces. Fourthly, many homeowners started investing in luxurious fix-ups (like spa retreat) in their home itself. Finally, comfortable and soft fabrics like velvet or chenille were the latest trend.

How you can save energy by painting your ceilings

People are under the misguided belief that the air indoors is not as polluted as outside. This is not true as your heath is equally suffered by inhaling indoor air. The paints used to decorate the interiors of the house are one of the leading causes. The invention of zero VOC paints not only save the pollution but also save energy at the same. These eco friendly paints are very cost effective and durable causing less harm to the health of you and your family.

These paints are also very easily available from any paint company particularly the real milk paint agencies. These agencies offer milk paints that can be combined with any kind of color pigments or water for use in the walls. They also provide citrus solvents and milk paint thinners. You can also check out online for eco friendly paints. Benjamin Moore is a popular name which offers a whole range of zero VOC premium paints that are also odorless.

Various types of rug cleaners and their uses

Vacuuming the rugs daily is the best way to keep them dust-free accompanied by immediate clean-up if anything spills on it. But you need to carry out deep cleaning at least once in a month. Let us discuss about the types of rug cleaners and their usefulness.

Rug cleaners which are powder based use a magnetic technique to attract the dirt towards the powder when it is sprinkled on the rug and kept for about 15 minutes, followed by a vacuum. They are the quickest and the best during emergency clean-ups. Aerosol sprays are used to remove stains.

Foam rug cleaners used for home need to be mixed with normal water and put on the rug and allowed to dry. Vacuum it when it dries. Steam cleaning is also a very effective method. For this you need to squirt hot water so that the dirt gets loosened up to be vacuumed.

Easy ways to strip pains off walls

Removing paint off the walls is a very time consuming and daunting task. In this article we take you through some simple tips that make the job of removing paint less taxing. The primary thing to be determined is whether you want to remove the old paint off completely or you want it to be painted over. This is important because in case you plan to repaint the dry wall then it is not necessary to remove old paint prior to applying a new coat. However if you realize the old paint is chipping off then removing it is the ideal option.

The next step is to select the method of removing the old paint. You could go for liquid paint strippers for removal of a layer or two of the old paint. Using the liquid paint stripper is simple; you have to apply the stripper on the old painted wall surface. Let the paint stripper settle on the wall surface for some time and then scrap off the paint. The other option of removing paint is sanding. This especially works best against a hardwood floor.

Using Laminated Glass to secure your home

Homes which use laminated glasses instead of the normal ones are far more secure. The windows and places from where a burglar may try to enter should have the normal glass replaced with the laminated ones. The reason behind it being safer is that it does not brake with a single blow, requires quite a beating to show damage. It takes several minutes to completely break them.

No burglar would be stupid enough to keep on hitting at the laminated glass to get through it; getting caught being the fear. Place yourself in the place of a burglar and try to search for the places outside your home from where you can break and enter. If it consists of glass covering, replace it with laminated glass with an additional lock for supreme security. Laminated glasses are not very cheap so use them first only at places which need them. Once you have the money, replace all the glasses with it.

Wine Holders – Perfect for a classy home

Wine holders are very elegant décor assets ideal for your classy home. They are found in a broad range of materials like glass, metal, wood or plastic. Moreover you will also get them in different sizes, shapes and styles.

The conventional shelf racks are perfect for grand storage spaces like a basement or cellar. The hanging and wall mount holders can be fixed to your walls or hanged from the ceilings. The last one is built of iron and wood and can host maximum 8 bottles. The hanging one holds wine stemware and paper towels along with the bottles. Then you have the table top racks which do not come with a great storage space but are aesthetically crafted for interior decoration.

The floor stand holders are heavy and grandly decorated and can hold minimum 40 bottles. The latest addition is a portable wine rack carried on wheels and hosts wine bottles accompanied by wine stemware, kitchen board, knives and paper towels. It is ideal for your sushi bar.

Decorating your bathroom using interesting ideas

A washroom is an essential aspect of any household and a little decoration would make the place more comfortable and inviting. Here are some interesting ideas.

Painting would be an easy way to create a dramatic impact instantly. Spark up the boring room with shiny white accessories. Complement it with the latest sleek and stylish faucets with a chic metallic finish in glossy bronze, stainless steel or antique or brushed nickel. Use lamps in lieu of conventional overhead fixtures to set a serene and soft mood. Opt for blanket racks rather than the regular towel ones. Classy bamboo baskets can be utilized instead of heavy cabinets to hold towels and shampoo, soaps or other different toiletries.

Decorate the windows with elegant blinds and small indoor plants. Arrange for a beautiful vinyl shower curtain and pretty wall hanging for the walls. Use potpourri, scented candles or dried flowers to create a sweet and relaxing aromatic ambience. If you opt for carpet flooring surely fix a dehumidifier.

The ever lively Hawaiian Home Décor

Are you thinking of remodeling your house? Try out the Hawaiian style to bring a cool and refreshing feel of the beautiful island to your own room.

Paint your walls in open and bright hues like white, bright yellow cream or green. Contrast it with rich brown hardwood moldings and doorways. Liven up the rooms with large, green and leafy indoor plants such as palm and elephant. For the furniture widely use rattan, wicker or bamboo to bring an airy and light feel in the rooms. Opt for thin flowing curtains which will sway lightly with the smooth breeze.

Spice up your house with typical Hawaiian icons like a Tiki statue, a Ukulele or Hula girl show pieces. Also add some hibiscus flowers or hang Leis. Coconut and sea shells are customary Hawaiian stuffs used as spoon sets, candle holders or just décor items. Place a pineapple on your kitchen counter top which would be perfect for the island theme.