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How to design a teenager’s bedroom

The toughest task while designing different rooms of your home is when it comes to decide upon the designing of your teenager’s room. It is very difficult to judge whether a particular theme or idea for their room will be appreciated by them or not.

Before deciding upon the design, if you could get to know what you’re teenage daughter or son wants to have in his/her bedroom then things will turn out to be very easy. Have a talk with them about it first. Bright colors and unique designing techniques is what they really love. They want their room to be spacious enough to carry their daily activities and even bring their friends home. You can use posters of their favorite movie starts and other prominent personalities. Try some crazy wall painting themes which exhibit energy and love. Keep everything positive about the design of your teenager’s room as it is a crucial growing period.

The use of classy wooden furniture for your bedroom

Wooden furniture looks very classy and is perfect to add a royal touch to your bedroom. They are durable and ideal to carry your legacy to you grandchildren for years. The different kinds of woods used are mahogany, teak, oak, maple, rosewood and walnut trunks. And unlike yesteryear, these days wooden bedroom accessories are found in a broad range of intricacies to suit your desired theme.

A typical wooden bedroom set includes a classy bed flanked by side tables. Then you have a wardrobe, dressing table, centre table, chairs and multiple racks to complete the look. The reddish and black wooden ones look very classy and dramatic. A wooden canopy bed would be perfect for your Gothic theme.

Wooden furniture requires proper cleaning and occasional polishing after every 6 months to bring back the lost luster. Don’t use water on it. Just dust off the dirt with a soft brush or cotton cloth.

Tips on keeping your kitchen neat and tidy

The place in your home that becomes untidy most easily is your kitchen. Utensil drawer filled with wire whisks that are mangled and half filled vinegar bottles in your cupboard can be a big turn off. So, it’s time to get organized and make your kitchen neat and tidy. Here are some tips.

Firstly, go through all the stuffs in your kitchen and get rid of things that you don’t need. Take all the utensils out of your drawers and cupboards and wash them properly with warm, soapy water. Rinse the utensils, let them dry and then put them back neatly in the drawers and cupboards.

The cooking utensils, pots and pans must be stored in order near your stove. The items that you rarely use must be removed from the counter top. You can make an “appliance barn” where you can put the appliances that you use regularly. Make sure that kids are able to reach for the items they need.

Dillards and the different types of designer furniture

Everyone wants to have a really beautiful home and you are obviously no different. So, when you decorate your dream home, you have to take care of all the nitty-gritty. Since furniture form an essential part of home décor, you should get some designer furniture if you can.

A renowned designer furniture brand is Dillards. True to its words, Dillards furniture does manifest the style of your life. You can go in for the “Franklin” 3 piece sectional sofa to do up your living room. It is a Dillard exclusive and is upholstered with six pillows in brick red chenille. There are nail head trims on the arms of the sofa and also across the bottom.

You can also opt for the “Hamlin” sofa or the “Sloane” sofa which adds to the look of your living room. If you are a connoisseur of Italian designer furniture you can opt for B&B Italia furniture or the Radice Fiarn Italia Giorgetti Ingo Maurer Flos Artemide Fontana.

Limited in space? Pick the best from the lot

Are you staying in a match-box sized apartment because your purse strings are a bit tight at the moment? Well, let not staying in a small dig stall your creativity. Using a bit of planning, you can decorate your small apartment with lovely furniture.

For your small living room use simply designed, small furniture. You can use coffee tables with sliding doors or shelves in your living room. This will enable you to store your magazines and books easily. For seating arrangement, use ottomans that come with inside space. If the floor space in your living room is limited, it’s advisable to go vertical. Buy a tall bookcase instead of two smaller bookcases.

Get round dining tables for the dining room. Round tables take up lesser space than rectangular dining tables. If you have no separate dining room in your apartment, use a small table that will double up as your dining and work table. To create space in your bedroom, get loft beds or foldaway beds.

Sound-proofing the room to attain peaceful nights

All the unnecessary loud music can be done away with by using techniques and materials which can turn your room into a sound proof one. However you need to consider the fact that soundproofing a room is easier and effective if done in a new construction. The immediate step to be taken is to get all the plumbing and electrical wiring soundproofed. The drywalls should be hung on one side of the main wall to close the room and at the same time have access to the wall interiors. Installing fiberglass insulation in the walls is also an effective way to reduce the noise pollution.

You could also put up manufactured soundproofing wall coverings like a Pyrotek which can be easily bought from lumberyards, drywall supply house or any home remodeling centers. For an after construction soundproofing you can simply cut off the drywall from one part of the wall for it to be soundproofed. Small holes can be created in the drywalls which can be then filled up with expandable foam insulation or cellulose.

Different types of replacement doors

If you are planning to replace your existing closet doors then there is a whole range of replacement door available in the market for you to choose from. Due to the wide range of choices in the market many people ignore the need to really look around; in such a case it is always advisable to seek help of a professional.

Plantation style doors are the most popular kind of replacement doors available in the market. It is standard swinging kind of a door, however this is not what you are looking for them there is the traditional maple door that is available and fits your requirements as well. If a replacement door is being searched for a kid’s room then sliding doors particularly the mirror ones are a rage among the children and teens.

In fact the advantage with this kind of a door is that if the room happens to be slightly smaller than the mirror reflection makes it look big. For a huge hallway you can go in for a custom door with glass inserts as it gives the room a very sophisticated look.

Renovating your bathroom gives a pleasant feeling

Remodeling your bathroom definitely guarantees you a good money return in the long run. In this article we shall take you through some really inexpensive methods to do up your bathroom. The primary step for any renovation process is to decide on the budget. By taking the inexpensive route to remodel your bathroom does not imply that you need to resort to cheap materials. You still can remodel your bathroom with good quality materials and yet stay within your budget.

Determine the number of tiles, sink and faucet your bathroom needs. Also figure out if you would want a full renovation or just a partial one. Have the complete design plan and the budget fixed in your mind prior to initiating any work. Try doing maximum of the renovation on your own as that can cut down on the cost of extra labor. The feeling you get after the remodeling process is just out of the world and something which will favor you long term.

Top tips to remodel your house while staying within budget

Renovating and remodeling your house in a completely new style can be a very costly affair. However there are several ways of remodeling your house without the need to burn your pockets. The primary step is to select a home remodeling contractor who fulfills all your requirements. The contractor needs to have full clarity on the estimate and the time deadlines.

You also need to check with the contractor if he can make use of old cabinets, fixtures or flooring for remodeling your house. To cut down on the cost you could initiate the remodeling process in an off season time like after New Years or early spring. Also it is important to not alter all plumbing and heating work as they tend to increase the overall budget for remodeling. Plan everything about the remodeling prior to the process as if you try to make changes in the midst of the remodeling process chances are that everything might get a little messed up.

How to create your very own home bar?

Creating your own bar in the house is a fairly simple task. There are numerous design options available that would help to create the right ambience and atmosphere for a bar. In this article we shall give you a brief outline on how to build a bar to ensure that you can entertain your guests and make them enjoy the private bar like you had imagined.

The first step to this is to determine the place where you want to build the bar in your house. Some suggestion can be the garage, den, the basement or the recreation room. You can consider a place where you would usually want to entertain your guests or an isolated area where you want to relax all by yourself. The next step is to measure the place where the bar is going to be built. Bars are of different kinds either free standing, L-shaped or straight.

There are various websites online that can provide you with some excellent designs for your bar. The last step would be to decorate the bar with stocks that would include liquor, wine beer etc.