10 steps of a cost effective décor

cost effective décor, home decor  If recent expenditure has burned a hole in your pocket and you have your home to decorate then here is a list of the ten things that you can do to decorate your home according to your choice without going bankrupt:


1)      Make a list of what you need and be minimalist. You can add extra accessories when you have the proper resources again

2)      Decide on the necessary furniture and just the right amount of accessories like curtains, flower vases, comfortable rugs etc.

3)      Shop online.

4)      When shopping online, browse through different sites offering world class furniture at the cost of the local market.

5)      Compare between the different sites.

6)      Check twice before you order.

7)      Make sure that you have made the best deal.

8)      Confirm that you are paying less than what the same piece of furniture would have cost at t real store.

9)      Always go for free shipping services.

10)  Insist on payment after delivery and check the quality of the furniture before you accept.